Masterchef Spain has usurped the WORLD in terms of crazy contestants and crazy content.

A contestant has straight up served an untouched dead bird on her plate as a message to the judges and it’s terrifying.

Like we’re talking feathered, legged, just a dead carcass on a plate.

But wait, we can’t say she didn’t put ANY effort in, she gently places 3 halved cherry tomatoes on top of the bird for presentation. 

That’s gotta give her some points right?


Apparently, this evil queen Saray Carillo, was already tiff-ing with the judges because of their criticism of her food and she felt she was unjustly put in the elimination cook-off. 

She also previously stated she hated cooking with birds and was forced to cook a PARTRIDGE in the elimination challenge.

This is the result of a woman pushed too far….

Maybe think about this next time you tell your mum you don’t like her food…