Looks like the midnight margaritas are making a comeback!

Variety reports that HBO has ordered a pilot for a one-hour drama called Rules of Magic, based on the novels Rules of Magic and Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman!

Said to be set in New York City in the 60’a, the series follows three siblings — Franny, Jet and Vincent Owens. Each struggle with “abnormalities” that have kept them isolated. They soon learn that they are, in fact, descendants of a bloodline of witches.

In the 1998 cult classic, sisters Franny and Jet were played by Dianne Wiest & Stockard Channing (Grease), while Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman played Franny & Jet’s witch nieces Sally and Gillian.

Our favourite scene involving the ‘Midnight Margaritas’ where the sisters and their Aunts brew a batch of cocktails and dance around their mystical kitchen to ‘Coconut’ by Harry Nilsson will forever stay in our hearts.

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