Actor Dan Ewing faced a fiery grilling from instructors on Tuesday’s episode of ‘SAS Australia’.

The ex-Home And Away star was slammed by the SAS directing staff for lying to his fellow recruits about why he failed the Tactical Driving challenge, which all the other recruits passed.

“You’re really f***king annoying me now… we make mistakes, we all make mistakes… the thing is we admit the thing, the big key is integrity,” Mark Billingham yelled, slammed the table in front of Ewing who refused to admit he made a mistake.

However, according to Dan Ewing, he did actually admit to “stuffing up” but that footage suspiciously ‘disappeared’.

“It’s just TV, so you need a villain and it was just my turn!”

So… what else was edited out?

Hear our full chat with Dan Ewing:


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