Ace Frehley played the classic at a benefit on Saturday, and Gene Simmons did the same on Sunday.

The KISS song “Deuce” got a double dose of stage performances this past weekend in California by two of the four artists who played on the original recording.

On Saturday former guitarist Ace Frehley performed it along with Sebastian Bach on vocals, former Guns n’ Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke and others. They were all part of an all-star jam at the Cathouse Live in the Irvine Meadows Amphitheater as part of the Irvine Meadows Festival. Unfortunately it wasn’t without its issues, as Bach had microphone problems and Ace’s guitar went out during his solo.

On Sunday, Gene Simmons, the song’s writer and singer, busted it out at the Mending Kids benefit concert in Los Angeles with Johnny Depp on lead guitar, and, like the night before, Gilby Clarke on rhythm guitar.

You can see the original voice of Skid Row Sebastian Back in Australia next month.


KISS bring their 40th Anniversary tour Down Under in October.  

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