Aussie singer Kamahl has split from his wife of 55 years. 

The 87-year-old shared the news on Monday, telling New Idea that he prays his split with Sahodra is “only temporary”.

“She really is the wind beneath my wings. I now realise I probably wasn’t the most attentive husband. Fame can do that – it can distract you from what really matters,” he told the publication.

“But I’m keeping everything crossed we can work through this rough patch, as she really is my everything.”

While the Hey Hey It’s Saturday star says the split has been a long time coming, they remain close.


“Thankfully, things are convivial – we see one another regularly. She still cooks me her unbelievably delicious lamb shanks every fortnight,” he added.

Kamahl is now living alone at a country club on Sydney’s Northern Beaches after the pair sold their longtime home last year.

Kamahl and Sahodra share two children, musician Rajan, 52, and singer Rani, 50, who is married and living in Singapore. They also share a granddaughter, Isabelle Flynn.

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