Age really is just a number and actress Jane Seymour is proving just that!

The actress, best known for her lead role in Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, has taken to social media to share a video of herself at the gym using a ‘Gyrotonic Machine’.

“Back in the gym after all my travels! Exercising using @Gyrotonic with @jeenymiller, working on abs and rotation in my hips/spine while doing weights for my arms. Working hard,” she captioned the video.

Fans were left equally impressed with some claiming she “looks 16”.

“YOU LOOK AMAZING! Working out clears a lot of our stress away, or should I say.. helps with stress!” one person commented.

Another added, “Oh. Ms Seymour. Still as beautiful as you were when I saw Somewhere in Time.”


The 71-year-old has reportedly been attending pilates classes for the past 30 years.

Good on you, Jane!