A 52-year-old mum has proudly posed for photos of herself breastfeeding her primary school aged daughter.

Byron Bay woman Maha Al Musa told Woman’s Day she regularly breastfeeds her daughter Aminah, six, and has not immunised her because she believes in “the power of breast milk”.

Ms Al Musa, who has two other children, was pictured in the publication cradling and nursing Aminah in a public park.

“Sometimes it tastes like candy canes,” Aminah told the publication.

“It tastes like a lot of different things… It’s my favourite thing to do when I’m not at school. More kids should because it’s good for you.”

The young girl is breastfed regularly before going to bed, and is fed whenever she is hungry as her mother believes it is natural.


Aminah said that she likes being breastfed and will probably do it until she is eight years old.

Ms Al Musa, who openly posts photos of herself breastfeeding Aminah to Facebook, wrote on the social networking site, “Let child and mother choose what’s best for them, their circumstance and family. If we are all choosing then we are all equal.

“4-8 is NORMAL age for self weaning.”

Photos: Facebook

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