Jonesy & Amanda’s Gets My Goolies – it’s the only radio contest in Sydney where having a whinge can make you a winner!

Missing grocery delivery, offensive drivers or a bad TV commercial getting you angry? Jonesy & Amanda want to hear it all!

And just for airing your Goolie and for telling us what grinds your gears, Jonesy & Amanda can make life run a little smoother, with their FAVOURITE Goolie of the year picking up $20,000 cash!

Submitting your Goolie has never been easier – just follow these simple steps:

1. Download the iHeartRadio app
2. Listen to WSFM on the app
3. Look for the microphone that you can simply tap to record your message!

Jonesy & Amanda’s Gets My Goolies with Hare & Forbes Machinery House – your 1 stop machinery Shop.

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