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The New Bracelet That Caffeinates You Like Actual Coffee

A new caffeine bracelet has come to rescue all of us from our crazy coffee budgets once and for all! 

The bracelet, 'Joule' essentially distributes about a cup of coffee's worth of caffeine INTO you while you wear it! 

All you have to do is change the patches daily and keep it on your wrist! 

The best part is that instead of resulting in that post-coffee crash you usually have mid morning, the bracelet regulates your caffeine consumption evenly over the course of four hours. 

At just $29, around a week's worth of coffee, it's really an investment in your future caffeination. 

The daily patches cost around $1, but that still is FAR cheaper than the daily take away. 

It'll also help with lessening the acidity in your stomach and it won't yellow your teeth the way coffee does. 

Unfortunately they won't be ready until July but you can get excited knowing they come in black, pink AND blue! 


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