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WSFM’s $50,000 Secret W’s – Who, What, Where?


It’s WSFM’s $50,000 Secret W’s – all you need to do is identify WHO the item belongs to, WHAT the item is and WHERE it’s been left… call and register your guess and on the “Day of Revelation”, the Secret W’s will be revealed, and the most accurate answer will see its owner picking up $50,000 cash!

Jonesy & Amanda will help you with a brand-new clue each weekday at 8am.

Plus, you can always check here for any bonus clues, and what’s been guessed so far!

Brought to you by Sydney’s 101.7 WSFM – the home of better music, and more of it!


• The Academy Award goes to …

• Got legs and knows how to use them

• First film was hard work

• Kind of bandit

• The South of France 

• Witness

• Paddington 4 miles

• Has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

• Thunder

• Lies

• A good read


Monday 5th March

• Margot Robbie's Ice Skating boots at Canterbury Olympic Ice Skating Rink

• Angelina Jolie's right leg at the Academy Awards

• Margot Robbie's legs on the red carpet

• Margot Robbie's ice skates at the Acacia Ridge Ice Rink in QLD

• Margot Robbie's Oscar at the Dolby Theatre in LA

• Margot Robbie with ice skating boots on the set of Ramsay Street

• Tom Hanks, box of chocolates, bus stop

• Julia Roberts in bath with Richard Gere in Pretty Woman (the Beverly Hilton)

• Hugh Jackman, Wolverine Claw, Bondi Apartment

• Margot Robbie, Ice Skates, Macquarie Centre Ice Rink

Tuesday 6th March

• Emma Stone, holding her Rolling Stone Magazine on Sunset Boulevard

• Margot Robbie with her Ice Skates, Campbelltown Ice Rink

• Winx's Whip at Warwick Farm (Racecourse)

• ZZ Top in their hot rod on Malibu Beach

• Margot Robbie's ice skates at Canterbury Ice Rink

• Sylvester Stallone, boxing gloves in Philadelphia

• Paul McCartney with Heather Mills' prosthetic leg in Hollywood

• Margot Robbie, holding a Baton at Penrith Ice Palace

• Margot Robbie's Ice Skate, Alexandria Ice Zoo

• Nicole Kidmans' Gucci Shoe, left in their house in Rose Bay

Wednesday 7th March

• Cher's orange wig at Taylor Square at the Mardi Gras

• Angelina Jolie's right leg poking out of her black Versace dress at the Academy Awards 2012

• Nicole Kidman on a BMX bike in Alice Springs

• Hugh Jackman's boots from Wolverine at his Bondi home

• Nicole Kidman's wig in Manly - from BMX Bandits

• Hugh Jackman on the flying fox at the Sydney Opera House

• Russell Crowe's Romper Stomper boots & Jonesy's wearing them

• Russell Crowe's Romper Stomper boots at Carriageworks

• Heath Ledger's Ned Kelly suit at the Powerhouse Museum

• Nicole Kidman's Bike helmet at Bondi Skate Ramp

Thursday 8th March

• Russel Crowe's Apartment in Woolloomooloo, Sydney

• Nicole Kidman's full tutu gown at Madam Tussaud’s Darling Harbou

• Kate Blanchette's crown in Elizabeth - Sydney Theatre Company

• Nicole Kidman holding Keith Urban's guitar and she's at Madame Tussaud’s Sydney

• Nicole Kidman's BMX bike from BMX Bandits at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Double Bay

• Cher with an orange wig in Taylor Square

• Nicole Kidman red gown she wore in Cannes Festival at Madam Tussaud’s

• Nicole Kidman's mask from Eyes Wide Shut at the Merchant of Venice in Leichardt

• Nicole Kidman’s tutu from Cannes Festival last year, at the Latitude Building, Milsons Point

Friday 9th March

• Oprah Winfrey, an ice pack for Hugh Jackman at The Opera House

• Nicole Kidman's Balenciaga wedding gown with Keith Urban at Sydney Powerhouse Museum

• Nicole Kidman's wedding gown St Patricks Church in Manly

• Nicole Kidman holding her Moulin Rouge necklace at The Powerhouse Museum

• Nicole Kidman, a BMX Bike at Narrabeen Northern Beach

• Nicole Kidman's Balenciaga wedding gown, at level 4, Sydney Powerhouse Museum

• Angelina Jolie's black Versace gown that she wore at the Academy Awards

• Nicole Kidman's Black Diamond costume from Moulin Rouge at Fox Studios

Monday 12th March

• Cher left her orange wig in Paddington on the Mardi Gras

• Margaret Rutherford bottle of Courvoisier at an Antique Shop in Fulham

• Russel Crowe's ex wife's house in Rose Bay, in Sydney

• Nicole Kidman with her grey wig (that she wore in Top of the Lake) & she's left in Bondi Beach

• Tom Cruise at the Sydney Hyatt Hotel, and someone has got hold of his garbage

• Bruce Willis with Demi Moore's two front teeth at Madam Tussauds

• Nicole Kidman in her jumping shoes that she wore at the Academy's at the State Theatre

• Nicole Kidman's BMX Bike in Manly

• Tina Turner's lyric sheet from her performance at the NRL in 1993

• Nicole Kidman's BMX at Waverley Cemetery, Bronte

Tuesday 13th March

 Nicole Kidman's prosthetic nose from the movie The Hours at Paddington

 Nicole Kidman. Paddington Bear at Star Casino

 Tina Turner's Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

 Nicole Kidman. Paddington Bear at Madam Tussauds, Darling Harbour

 Bugs Bunny at Royal Easter Show. Jonesy & Amanda giving away chocolate Easter bunny eggs

 Cate Blanchett wearing a judges wig at the Cannes Festival

 Nicole Kidman. BMX Bike at Paddington Station in the UK

 Cate Blanchett, her throne from Elizabeth at the Sydney Theatre Company

 Nicole Kidman with her Paddington Bear out of the Paddington Bear movie at Palm Beach

 Nicole Kidman, the BMX Bike in Milsons Points in her apartment in Latitude Building in Lavender      Street

Wednesday 14th March

• Nicole Kidman's prosthetic nose at Museum of Natural History at Kensington, London

• Will Smith wallet at Woolloomooloo

• Nicole Kidman's Balenciaga wedding gown, which she married Keith Urban in, currently on display at   the Love Is Australian Wedding Fashion Exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum Sydney

• Nicole Kidman's Balenciaga Couture wedding gown that she wore when she married Keith Urban, is    at the Love Is Australian Wedding Fashion Display, currently at Sydney Powerhouse Museum, Level 4,  500 Harris Street Ultimo

• Cate Blanchett. Her headpiece from the Thor movie and she's at The Sydney Theatre Company

• Cate Blanchett's "Si" by Giorgio Armani perfume at the Sydney Theatre Company

• Nicole Kidman holding a Paddington Bear at Cannes Film Festival

• Tina Turner with her hot leg, with the 1993 Winfield Cup giving it to Allan Langer at the Sydney  Football Stadium in Moore Park

• Nicole Kidman with Tom Cruise' helmet from Days Of Thunder at the pavilion in Bondi Beach

• Tina Turner, Bronco's jersey, Sydney Football Stadium at Moore Park

Thursday 15th March

Johnny Depp with a golden ticket from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory ticket at Sydney Capitol  Theatre

• Nicole Kidman. Her Christian Louis Vuitton flat shoes she wore when she married Keith Urban in 2006   are at the Love Is Australian Fashion Display in a feature case at the end of the corridor with the dress   at Sydney Powerhouse Museum, Level 4, 500 Harris Street Ultimo 2017

• Nicole Kidman. The Hindi headpiece she wore in Moulin Rouge at the Powerhouse Museum

• Russell Crowe left his motorbike at South Sydney, Training Ground

• Harrison Ford's whip from Raiders of the Lost Ark movie and its left at the Oscar Salons at  Paddington in Sydney

• Nicole Kidman's silk tulle veil that she wore when she married Keith Urban, and its currently on  display at the Love Is Display Wedding Fashion at the Powerhouse Museum 

• Nicole Kidman's red Balenciaga gown she wore to the 2007 Oscars at Madam Tussaud’s at Darling  Harbour in Sydney

• Tina Turner performing at the NRL Rugby League at the Sydney Football Stadium for the Grand Final

• Nicole Kidman on her BMX riding around the Eastern Creek track with her Paddington Bear on a rainy  day wearing her school uniform from her very first film "Flirting" in 1991

• Hugh Jackman's Wolverine or Logan character at Madame Tussaud's Darling Harbour

Friday 16th March

• Cate Blanchett, the Thor Ragnar hammer she stole from the Thor movie at Sydney Theatre Company in Walsh Bay

• Cate Blanchett's crystal skull from Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal    Skull at Sydney Theatre Company

• Nicole Kidman's BMX Bike in Manly

• Nicole Kidman with the book 'Big Little Lies' and she's at Sydney Airport

• Nicole Kidman with her self portrait in Monterey

• Angelina Jolie wearing the Canary yellow Emanuel Ungaro frock she wore at the Cannes Film Festival in 2007 at Madam Tussaud's Sydney at the Aquarium Wharf in Darling Harbour

• Nicole Kidman and she's left one of those share bikes at Bondi Beach

• JK Rowling’s signed copies of the Harry Potter & the Philosopher's Stone, Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix, Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire, Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets and Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince. But the third edition of Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban which is multi-signed by all the cast, displayed in a glass case at the Sydney Opera House

• Nicole Kidman with the book "Big Little Lies" in Hyde Park

• Salma Hayek's super luxury yacht at Shark Beach at Milson Park 

Brought to you by Sydney’s 101.7 WSFM – the home of better music, and more of it!

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