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WIN A Gardening Pack From Seasol

Warm sunshine, brilliant flowers and fresh growth… spring is all about getting into the garden. Melissa King is Seasol’s Gardening Guru, and she has some great ideas for your garden listed below.

Tell us your best gardening tip, and you could win a Seasol Gardening Pack, with lots of great stuff inside!

Seasol yellow plastic 10 litre bucket

500mL Seasol Concentrate

500mL PowerFeed Concentrate

1.5kg PowerFeed with Troforte

700g Seasol Planting Gel.

Seasol Leather Gardening Gloves

Don’t just water your garden, Seasol your garden.


Melissa King’s Spring Gardening Tips
tip 1

Tip 1 It’s a great time for getting plants into the ground: like new season roses, latest new release plants, vegies for summer harvest and splashes of annual colour.

Tip 2

When planting, use Seasol planting gel at the base of the planting hole. This helps give your plants the best start in life.

Tip 3

After planting give new plants a good dose of Seasol to help settle them into their new home and promote strong healthy roots. Apply a good layer of organic mulch to conserve water and suppress weeds.

Tip 4

Using Seasol creates tougher, healthier plants that are more resilient to stresses like heat, drought, frost, pest and disease - so you get a healthier, better looking garden.

Tip 5

To get the best out of your garden, use PowerFeed with Troforte - an organically based plant food that delivers a balance of slow and quick release nutrients, to promote vigorous growth and stimulate flowering. It also adds good microbes to the soil, which are essential for healthy plants and healthy soils. 

Tip 6

There’s so much growth and flowering in spring, so use a good liquid food to sustain all of that activity. PowerFeed is fast acting so you see results quickly. It’s a soil conditioner too, so it takes care of your plants above and below the ground.

Tip 7

If you apply PowerFeed regularly it can also help to improve poor clay soils and break down clay. It helps to reduce nutrient losses in sandy soils too.

Tip 8

Try combining a complete garden health treatment like Seasol with a liquid fertiliser and soil conditioner like Powerfeed. You’ll see the difference in growth and performance.

Tip 9

If you want the best lawn in the street, use something that’s going to feed the grass and keep it healthy and create a nourishing soil environment too. PowerFeed LawnFeed does just that. It's an organically enriched lawn food that provides all the right nutrients and trace elements to boost health and growth in all lawns, including Buffalo. It’s boosted with seaweed too and adds good microbes to the soil. 

Tip 10 

If you are out watering the garden or pots and you notice the water simply isn’t penetrating the soil and getting down to the roots, then its a clear sign that you need to use Seasol Super Soil Wetter and Conditioner. It’s a wetting agent, soil conditioner and health treatment all in one.

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