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This Woman Gave Up ONE Thing To Lose Heaps Of Weight!

A mother who wore a size 20 dress for her wedding has now slimmed to below 50KG after losing half her weight.

Donna Docherty, from Scotland, used to eat takeaways most days and would chug back 6 cans of coca cola a day and ballooned to 101KG in weight.

The 31-year-old has now dropped down to a size 8 and lost more than 50KG and says she has now started to ''high five'' the mirror she is so happy!

The former takeaway addict lived on fish and chips and frozen ready meals throughout her teenage years and well into her twenties.

However, by making the simple step of throwing out all the junk food in her cupboards after seeing herself in a black dress, Donna has never looked back.


Once the food was gone, Donna began to eat healthy and began taking personal training sessions to help speed up the process.

She says that ''although I knew about the danger of sugar, I never realised the effect is was having on me until I saw the results'.

Instead of eating takeaway, Donna says she now has some prepared meals through a health meals company in the UK but also '''I now make my own food and don't bother with supermarket ready meals. I love porridge, eggs and homemade chilli con carne''.


There is one thing for sure, the black dress looks way way better now!

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