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15 Delicious and Attractive Summer Mason Jar Salads


With summer well and truly here, it's time to start researching healthier options to get us through the day.

In saying that, there's no reason your summer lunch options can't be delicious - and ridiculously good looking.

That's where Mason Jars come in. Not just reserved for rustic hipster weddings, Mason Jars are also the perfect storage device for your midday meal.

Check out the gallery above for some of the best salads to fill yours with...


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15 Delicious and Attractive Summer Mason Jar Salads
asian noodle salad.jpg asian noodle salad.jpg
burrito bowl.jpg burrito bowl.jpg
cajun shrimp jar.jpg cajun shrimp jar.jpg
chickpea spinach.jpg chickpea spinach.jpg
chickpea farro and greens.jpg chickpea farro and greens.jpg
black bean and corn.jpg black bean and corn.jpg
green garden vegan salad.jpg green garden vegan salad.jpg
quinoa with beef vinigarete.jpg quinoa with beef vinigarete.jpg
mango black bean quinoa.jpg mango black bean quinoa.jpg
rainbow protein.jpg rainbow protein.jpg
sprouted spring salad.jpg sprouted spring salad.jpg
zucchini noodle salad.jpg zucchini noodle salad.jpg
pomegranate and peat.jpg pomegranate and peat.jpg
wholefoods inspired with orange ginger dressing.jpg wholefoods inspired with orange ginger dressing.jpg
sunny kale cruncher.jpg sunny kale cruncher.jpg
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The crunchy Asian noodle salad
The burrito bowl salad with all your favourite Mexican fillings
The cajun shrimp salad
The lean chicken and spinach salad
The chickpea farro and greens salad
The chopped black bean and corn salad
The green garden vegan salad
The layered quinoa salad with beetroot vinigarette
The mango black bean and quinoa delight
The rainbow protein treat
The sprouted spring salad
The zucchini noodle salad with peas and quinoa
"We can confirm that the person we're dealing with is armed." - NSW POlice
The ode to wholefoods with orange ginger dressing
The sunny summer kale cruncher
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