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Woman Calls Cops On Burglar, Actually Hubby Hiding In Closet

Jonesy & Amanda heard about a guy who stayed home playing video games and hid when his wife thought he was an intruder and called the police!

The story from China, revealed that a bloke by the name of Ding, left for work at the same time as his wife, Li, but then sneakily returned home so he could play games on his phone.

When Li returned home early, Ding decided to hide inside a closet to try and escape being busted by his wife!

Li heard unusual activity and assumed an intruder was inside and called the cops.


Officers arrived wearing bodycams and opened up the cupboard door to find silly old Ding hiding inside.

The police told him to get out of the cupboard and were about to handcuff him when he revealed: "I live here. Please, don't."

Li then saw it was her hopeless hubby and called out: "Wait! This is a misunderstanding!"

"He's my husband."

Ding later confessed to his wife that he had lied to her and had skipped work to play games at home all day.

According to local media, the police didn't press any charges but reportedly tried to convince the woman to forgive her husband. 

Yeah, good luck with THAT!

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