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We Chat To Dr Chris Brown About His New Show 'Vet Gone Wild'

Missed some of the show or just want to hear it again?

Well you can with Jonesy & Amanda's JAMcast!

Segments include:

- Magnificent Seven

- Jalmanac: Dancing in the Dark by Bruce Springsteen 

- HeadJAM


- Sam Neill has added something amazing to our DNA auction!

- JAMaction Line: Should women get an early mark from work? 

- We chat to Dr Chris Brown about his  new show ‘Vet Gone Wild’ 

- A new chic restaurant is serving entrees on your first…imagine where they serve dessert…

- Joe Jonas joins us ahead of The Voice finals.  He also speaks of his time with the Jonas Brothers and new band DNCE + his fiancé Sophie Turner surprised him yesterday by rocking up to Australia! 

- We discuss the #poojogger

- Jimbo’s Jibba Jabba

- Goolies

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Jonesy & Amanda With Joe Jonas

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