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We Catch Up With House Rules Star Johanna Griggs

Missed some of the show or just want to hear it again?

Well you can with Jonesy & Amanda's JAMcast!

Segments include:

- Magnificent Seven

- Jalmanac: Another One Bites The Dust by Queen 

- Behind the news with Keegan: The Premier says she needs 18 months to sort Sydney's traffic around the light rail 

-  We chat to Joh Griggs about last night’s heated episode of House Rules

- HeadJAM

- Tales from the trampoline: We take your calls

- JAMaction Line 

- Opposition Leader Bill Shorten wants his DNA back! 

- Secret W’s

- The new housewife trend ‘brieing’

-  Who’s Riding the Ferris Wheel

- What should Harry and Meghan do when they visit Bathurst?

- Goolies  

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