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The Things Sydney Loves - Top 5 Aussie Bands

The past few weeks we've been asking you to vote on all the things YOU love!

Well, we've added up all the votes (a lot quicker than they did in the federal election by the way!) and this morning Jonesy & Amanda wanted to see if you could work out who got the most votes.

They'll be taking your calls every morning after 8 to see if you can work out the top five in various categories.

Guess all five and you'll score $1000!

Take a listen above to see how this mornings contestant went, then see who got the most votes, including the coveted title of Sydneys fave Aussie band!

1) COLD CHISEL (21.4%)

Cold Chisel

2) INXS (12.8%)


3) AC/DC (11.5%)


4) MIDNIGHT OIL (4.8%)


5) Australian Crawl (3.4%)


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