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Last-Minute Logies Stuff-Up Leaves Dr Chris Brown Scrambling

Our beloved Living Room boys joined Jonesy and Amanda in bed this morning, fresh from their third Logies win for Best Lifestyle Program in a row.

And between Jonesy being unceremoniously bumped from his spot in bed and Miguel's usual antics, Dr Chris Brown spilled the beans on the last-minute stuff-up that left him scrambling onstage.

"I was on the red carpet when the head of publicity came up to me and said, 'Look, one of the presenters has had to pull out would you mind presenting their Logie?'" Dr Chris explained. 

"I thought, 'This is what the Logies is made of, stepping up to the mark.' I didn't even know what the script was, I didn't even know what the Logie was for."

The powers-that-be told the Bondi Vet not to worry about the script and just to focus on the autocue - something that the I'm A Celebrity host is more than used to.

"As I walk to the microphone, I look at the autocue and four guys who are [sitting] on the table in front of the autocue stand up right in front of the autocue and cheers each other," the exasperated host continued.

"They're having a great time, arms round each other, reminiscing about some amazing story they wanted to get out at that particular time.

"So I had nothing to say! I just got up and said, 'I'm here to present the Logie for the Best News and Current Affairs program.'"

As Dr Chris bluffed his way through his intro, one of the men standing in front of the autocue happened to leave for a bathroom break, revealing a sliver of the autocue and giving him just enough content to finish his presentation. 

What a professional!

Check out The Living Room boys' full chat in bed with Jonesy and Amanda in the clip above - particularly Miguel's questionable highlight of Molly Meldrum's speech.

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