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Our Voiceover Guy Beloved Actor Peter Sumner Has Passed Away

Peter Sumner, the Australian actor who featured in the original Star Wars film, has passed away. 

The actor died, aged 74, after a long battle with illness. 

Peter was a great friend to Jonesy & Amanda and the entire WS team as he worked for many years as the show's distinctive voice over guy.

You may also recall his performance as Lieutenant Pol Treidum, an officer on the Death Star, in the Star Wars classic.

Just last year he joked that one of his iconic lines from the movie would most likely be written on his grave stone, which goes to show just how important that role was to his career. 

The role involved just two days work back in 1977. 


Aside from his role in the George Lucas film, he also worked on Play School, Ned Kelly, Spyforce, Heartbreak High and The Dismissal to name a few. 

"He was best known for Star Wars and Play School but he did so much more," his wife, Lynda Stoner, told News Ltd. 

"He did many Shakespearean plays on stage.

"He toured a lot with David Williamson plays.

"He did so many shows on the ABC with Jacki Weaver and Cornelia Frances and other people.

"He did a lot of comedies. He did a lot of dramas. In the seventies, he was barely off the ABC doing one show or another."

Sumner is survived by his wife, Lynda, son, Luke and daughters, Kate and Joanna. 

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