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Jonesys Emotional Reaction To Watching First Contact

The second series of First Contact on SBS has been garnering a lot of attention as the show shines a light on the welfare of Indigenous Australians, many of whom are living in third world conditions.

A host of celebrities led by host Ray Martin visit locations across the country where the Indigenous population are living in dire circumstances, and after watching the first episode Jonesy has given an emotional response.

"I found David Oldfield to be the most offensive" said Jonesy

"The most offensive thing he did was question the validity of the stories of two men who were talking about their experiences with being taken away from their families"

Hear Jonesys thoughts in full above as he reveals how he's changed his thinking and expresses his grief and sorrow at how the original Australians are still struggling to achieve a better quality of life in their own country.

Then below watch as Jonesy & Amanda respond to the overwhelming support they received following Jonesy's statements.

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