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Jonesy & Amanda Turn The Tables And Quiz Tom Gleisner

Missed some of the show or just want to hear it again?

Well you can with Jonesy & Amanda's JAMcast!

Segments include:

- Magnificent Seven
- Jalmanac: Kid Rock's All Summer Long
- Jonesy & Amanda’s Fishing Trip
- HeadJAM
- It only lasted a minute! We take your calls
- Pyrmont Poo Jogger
- JAM-action Line: Should children be weighed at school?
- We quiz Have You Been Paying Attention host Tom Gleisner
- Rappin’ with Mouncey - Has Amanda finally found a PC rap song?
- A statue of the Virgin Mary is weeping olive oil
- Jonesy on The Real Full Monty
- Gets my Goolies

You can also download Jonesy & Amanda’s best bits via their daily Podcast on iTunes. Click here to subscribe!

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