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Jonesy & Amanda In Hawaii

Jonesy & Amanda have taken ten lucky listeners to Hawaii for a week of hula and cocktails as well as shopping and supping!

Watch Jonesy & Amanda shake their booty doing the hula at a traditional luau as well as Jonesy (who always loves to blow his own horn) starting off the night bellowing through a conch shell!

Take a listen to what they did in their first few days (which was mostly relaxing and drinking cocktails!)

Find out what hilarious nickname the Hawaiian locals have given Jonesy, and the unusual shop that Amanda wants to take the listeners to!

Have Jonesy & Amanda burned out the lucky listeners??? Find out what happened when they went shopping and SUPing!

Jonesy & Amanda tell us about their trek up Diamond Head as well as dancing the hula at a traditional luau!


As the guys get ready to leave Jonesy shows off some of the local Hawaiian language he's learned...

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