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Forget Pokemon, Jonesy Goes Retro With A Coke Yo-Yo!

The biggest fad at the moment in Pokemon Go, where an app on your phone shows Pokemon characters in the real world that you then have to try and 'catch'.

All around the world people have been going crazy running around playing the game and this reminded Jonesy & Amanda of classic fads when they were growing up.

One of Jonesys faveroute's was playing with a Coca-Cola yo-yo, during the 70s and 80s they were THE fad that everyone was into.

Jim the sports guy always carries one with him (talk about holding on to your childhood!) and let Jonesy have a go this morning.

Watch as Jonesy tries a few old tricks including the classic 'rock the cradle'

Check out this classic bunch of commercials and competitions from the 80's when Coke yo-yo's ruled the world!

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