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Barry: I'm Going To Be Back On The Living Room Couch Soon

In some amazingly positive news, Barry Du Bois has revealed that he plans to return to The Living Room as soon as possible.

Amanda visited Barry in hospital for a segment on the show and she has said that there's 'a lot to be optimistic about.'

Barry told Amanda: 'I’m going to do a couple more workouts today, I’m going to eat a bit more and just do the best we can to get myself out of here as soon as possible... and back on the couch.'


Amanda says he once again 'looked like Baz' after a dose of chemotherapy that 'almost killed him'

'To know someone you love go through that is terrible; when I walked in and saw him we both cried.'

'During the time together, we laughed and cried in equal measure,'

'There is a lot to be optimistic about.'

Barry was diagnosed with plasmacytoma - a cancer of the immune system - in 2010, and underwent successful treatment.

Unfortunately the cancer had returned as multiple myeloma - a cancer of plasma cells.

Stay strong Barry, we are all supporting you, and sending you our very best wishes for a quick recovery.

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