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Are You Ever Too Old For Some Things?

A new survey claims that at certain ages you should stop doing certain things, like for example wearing a footy jumper after you turn 42. (Listen to all the finding above)


Jonesy isn't too worried about that finding...

Also women who are 39 or over should stop wearing mini skirts... Amanda only wore one once when she was 12...and we have the proof...!


The survey also said people at certain points as people age they shouldn't stay up late, get a tatt or even use Facebook!

The guys weren't so sure these were guidelines anyone should actually follow, but Amanda did admit to advising Jonesy to take out his earrings a few years back!

And if there are suggestions as to when you should stop playing with kids toys Jonesy 'aint buying it!

Just yesterday he was playing with a yo-yo in the studio, and who could forget the time he raced around the building on a hoverboard?

It's fair to say Jonesy is a big kid who won't be told at what age he should stop having fun, and will never end up like this...


So are you ever too old to do certain things? Post a comment below!

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