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Thursday, March 07, 2013

The Tech-Nick-al Report - iPad Toilet Training

Technology is an amazing thing; young children are picking up how to use these intuitive devices before they are potty trained, I guess it only makes sense that an American technology show recently launched the iPotty…. It’s exactly what it sounds like although surely the pun names could have flowed easier -The iPeed or iPood, maybe not.

At first glance it looks like a hyper-colour toy motorcycle that Jonesy would have no doubt straddled as a toddler. But on closer inspection, the raised arm to lock your iPad into becomes obvious whilst the potty section itself is just like a normal potty and promises to be easy to clean, with a rotatable arm to position the iPad perfectly for your young one. 

The iPotty has been designed to help children learn to use the potty by keeping them entertained when nature calls. The idea is that they won't mind sitting there for longer if they're watching their  favourite cartoon or playing Angry Birds. And we've seen enough iPad toy add-ons to know kids love playing with an iPad. 

I’m just not sure what its teaching kids more – how to use the potty or how to be like their fathers – spending way too much time in the toilet with a magazine or now.. iPad.

Adults men aren’t the best at finding the bowl… leaving a 2 year old who’s in training to potentially initial your $600 iPad might not be such a great idea – but the makers of the iPotty insist the plastic “water” resistant cover for your ipad will keep it safe and dry.

You can order one now here.

(PS. There is an adult version for when you graduate too)

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