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Ron E Sparks

Ron E Sparks - Pure Gold Workday

Favourite Sydney coffee spot? Maggio’s Cammeray (ask for Carlo)

How do you have your coffee? Flat white no sugar

Favourite Sydney night spot? Sparks Mansion

Favourite weekend getaway? Cremorne drive-thru

Favourite market in Sydney? North Sydney Growers Market (bit pricey!)

Favourite brunch spot in Sydney? Elatte Café Macquarie Park

What would your last meal be? Harry’s Pie with peas

Favourite spot to spend summer? Yamba NSW

Best way to warm up in winter? Curled up on couch with eco-unfriendly fire & TV

Favourite TV Soapie? Home & Away

Favourite Reality TV Show? 6 o’clock news

Favourite breakfast cereal? Weet-Bix,yummy!

Do you have kids? Yes, 2 boys, grown up now

Favourite family tradition? Friday night argument with wife

Favourite smell? Avgas (aviation fuel around airports)

Favourite sport to play? Touch footy

Favourite sport to watch? Rugby League

First vinyl you remember? Sgt Pepper (still at school, saved up for it)

First CD you bought? Bought? Are you kidding?

First concert you went to? With who? Beatles 1964 in Brisbane with my older sister

Favourite piece of technology? “Shortcuts” audio editor in WS studio

Favourite song to work out to? First Time Ever I Saw Your Face – Roberta Flack

Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars

Marvel or DC? Marvel

NRL or Soccer? NRL

Beatles or Rolling Stones? Beatles

If you could only listen to 5 artists/bands for the rest of your life, who would they be? Eagles & Bob Dylan

What song has the most memories attached to it for you? 'Never Tear Us Apart' brought a tear to my eye at the Michael Hutchence funeral. (shameless name drop)

Next holiday destination? Anywhere in Qld

What would your superpower be? 20/20 hindsight, oh hang on, I already possess that.