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Lars Peterson

Lars Peterson - Pure Gold Work Day
Lars Peterson

How do you have your coffee? Small double shot cappuccino 

Favourite market in Sydney? The Rocks markets - extra cool when there's some live German oompa music around!

Favourite Reality TV Show? House Rules on Ch 7...but I also like The Block on Ch 9

Do you have kids? Yep 2 boys - Flynn 7 & Fletcher nearly 1

Favourite smell? Rain on hot tar roads (...and fresh coffee)

First vinyl you remember? Midnight Oil - The Dead Heart 12" single

First CD you bought? Crowded House

First concert you went to? With who? Midnight Oil at the Cinema Centre in Albury with a mate from school, he talked me into it. Bloody Awesome show !! Not one person was sitting down!

Favourite piece of technology? Wifi & Bluetooth

Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars. - hanging out for Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens due at the end of this year !

AFL or Soccer? Hmmm. Played both, love both... Maybe AFL... but only just !! (Carlton Supporter)