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Could There Be A Married At First Sight Baby On The Way?



Despite their unconventional start to married life, could a Married At First Sight couple be expecting a bundle of joy? The news came out earlier this week that 25-year-old Zoe and Alex, 29, who walked down the aisle in the show's third episode, could be pregnant. Zoe could barely look at her hubby-to-be during the ceremony but it seems their...

Married At First Sight's Clare Wanted To Kick Jono



Married At First Sight `bride' Clare Verrall is more offended by being called "woman" than hearing she is not what Jono had "ordered" on the reality TV show. The tradie sent keyboard warriors into overdrive when, after he saw Verrall walk down the aisle, he said in a cutaway interview that "she is not what I ordered". Verrall heard the comment...

Bride Refuses to Look at Groom During Married At First Sight Wedding



A bride on Married At First Sight refused to look at her groom during their commitment ceremony. Zoe, 25, and Alex, 29, tied the knot within seconds of meeting on the new Channel Nine show - and Alex has told of how his bride would barely look at him. “I noticed she didn’t really look at me,” he said. “Her eyes were sort of bouncing all aroun...

Married At First Sight Husband Threatens To Kill Spouse



In the US version of Married at First Sight, one couple didn't last the distance when her spouse allegedly threatened to kill her. Jessica Castro just got a restraining order against the husband she met on the reality show, Ryan De Nino. According to TMZ, she claimed he was "threatening and menacing", but when he told her "I plan on killing...

Married At First Sight's Clare Rants At Show's Editing



Married At First Sight bride Clare Verrall has been jilted by the editing of the reality show. Verrall took to social media this week to vent her frustration at the editing and thanked her family, friends and her dog Dutchy for their support. Verrall, 32, "married" hot head Jono Pittman, 28, on the Nine Network series and they have regularly b...

One Of The Married At First Sight Couples May Already Have Had A Little Slap And TIckle Together (2)



It’s the question we all want the answer to… did the Married At First Sight couples get down and dirty on the night of the wedding?Well, thankfully, we have answers.Cowboy Sean, who we met on Monday night’s episode has revealed that his first night ‘was incredible’ and revealed that had shared a ‘bath’ that was ‘sensational’.Now, there could be...

Married At First Sight: Jono's Bad Temper Gives Clare Attack Flashbacks



Married At First Sight groom Jono Pittman has such a "bad temper" it reminds his bride of being viciously attacked on a Melbourne street. Clare Verrall was assaulted while walking her dog in Prahran last year. She suffered a a broken nose, a broken toe and a black eye in the attack. So when Pittman's short fuse was lit during their honeymoon t...

FINALLY! Scarlett From Married At First Sight's American Accent Has Been Explained (3)



Married At First Sight bride and author Scarlett left us all really confused last night, when we discovered that she had an American accent that was there and then not.The blonde was portrayed as a ditsy 30-year-old who hangs around in her pink bedroom but that wasn’t even on peoples radars compared to her accent. It didn’t help when her mother...

Married At First Sight Couple Zoe And Alex's Devastating Miscarriage



On last night's A Current Affair catch-up with the couples from Married At First Sight, Zoe and Alex revealed the horrible news that they had miscarried. They have been dating for over a year now, and were expecting their first child together before miscarrying in the first trimester. When they found out, Alex told ACA: "It was the best news I...

Married At First Sight Star Reveals Horrifying Sexual Abuse At Age Five



Brave Married At First Sight Star, Zoe Hendrix, has spoken out about horrifying sexual abuse when she was just five years of age. She took to instagram to upload a photo of the popular conversation-starting phrase, ‘me too’, which was started by US Actress Alyssa Milano in response to the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse scandal, and shared her he...

The Married At First Sight Couple Who Didn’t Last



The Married At First Sight finale is here! It aired last night on Channel 9 and revealed which couples have stayed together and which have split. They were given the opportunity to live without cameras for two months and then reassess their relationship, and ultimately whether they wanted to stay "married". The episode aired 12 months after t...

Married At First Sight a win with viewers

The Feed


Married At First Sight was a hit for the Nine Network with more than one million viewers tuning in to watch two total strangers get hitched. The new reality program was the most popular non-news program on Monday night with 1.134 million viewers, narrowly beating Network Ten's MasterChef (1.129 million). The top spot of the night, however, wen...

Married At First Sight Contestant Finds Love and Remarries



Can the couples who say “I do” on Married At First Sight go the distance? It seems they can - but maybe just not with each other. Reports have come in that contestant Michelle has found her fairytale ending and is now “happily married to the love of [her] life”, according to Mamamia. Michelle was matched with James on the show, but it ultimat...

Married At First Sight Couple Expecting Baby?



Despite their lack of chemistry upon first meeting before their marriage on national television, Married At First Sight lovers Clare and Lachlan are reportedly expecting their first child together. A show insider told New Idea that producers are trying to keep the pregnancy a secret until the show finishes airing. "The whole point of the show...

Bride Has Panic Attack on Controversial Show Married At First Sight



A bride who met her groom for the first time as she walked towards him on their wedding day has claimed she had a panic attack when she laid eyes on him. Clare Tamas was a contestant on the Nine Network’s controversial new show, Married At First Sight, and claimed she had no chemistry with cattle farmer Lachlan when they met and wed. “You kind...

We Get Confused About All This 'Ring' Talk On MAFS

Jonesy & Amanda


Jonesy & Amanda were talking about Mike and Heidi and we think they may have misunderstood what was happening, can you 'pick' it..? THE 'GROSS' TEST MAFS STARS DO BEFORE GOING ON THE SHOW

The Age You Should Get Married If You Want To Avoid Divorce

Health & Beauty


We all know that getting married too young is a bit of a risk factor when it comes to your marriage going the distance, but did you know that there's actually a perfect time frame to look at? What you may not know is people who leave it later to get married also run a pretty high risk of it not working out. An analysis conducted by University...

These Tweets Sum Up What Married Life Is Really Like

The Feed


No one said married life was easy. We've compiled a series of hilarious and bizarre tweets that show what married life is really like... Some are cute, some are bizarre, some are gross, but all of them are funny and pretty accurate! #MarriedPeopleIssues Working hard to get fit and your spouse is an enabler armed with ice cream and pizza. —...

Eligible Bachelor Lachlan Joins Cast of "Farmer Wants A Wife"!



Married at First Sight’s Lachlan McAleer was unlucky at finding love on the show after announcing that he was no longer with his "wife" Clare. “Unfortunately that didn’t work out, but I’m still looking for love — and I’m happy to announce that I will now be joining Farmer Wants A Wife. So for any ladies that are out there, single, looking for l...

Newlyweds Own Dancefloor With This First Dance

The Feed


This couple have ditched the traditional first dance in favour for something a little more modern... Hollie and Dave Smith from Leicester, UK got married in Spain and instead of subjecting their guests to the same soppy first dance, they treated them to an amazing dance sequence! The bridal party got involved too - with both the guys and the g...

Man finds First Class is "Disgusting"

The Feed


A man takes us on a tour of British Airways First Class, which in his opinion is "absolutely filthy".  As he guides us past the tiny marks and the stains on the floor, is isn't until we arrive at his seat that his "real horror begins"...  Is it just us or is he being a little over dramatic?  This is a First Class seat with British Airways....

Former US First Lady Nancy Reagan Dies



Nancy Reagan, one of the most influential first ladies in US history, has died at the age of 94. The former actor was fiercely protective of her husband Ronald Reagan through a Hollywood career, eight years in the White House, an assassination attempt and his Alzheimer's disease. She died on Sunday of congestive heart failure, the Reagan libra...

Dean From MAFS Is At It Again, This Time Slamming "Wife" Tracey's Appearance



Dean, Dean, Dean. Dean Wells is at it again. Another day, another, ahem, opinion to come out of his mouth. On Wednesday night's preview, we learnt about the "affair" between Dean and another MAFS contestant Davina Rankin. While they decided to come clean to their significant others on Wednesday's episode, Dean also took the time to SLAM his...

We Speak To MAF's Star Ryan About Being Spotted With Ashley

Jonesy & Amanda


After his confrontation with Dean about hooking up with Davina, Ryan spoke with Jonesy & Amanda about the fall out and also about being spotted out and about with Ashley...(see the video below) Catch the full revealing chat above!

The Cringeworthy Moment MAFS Dean Confesses To Cheating In Front Of Tracey's Family And Friends



Dean seems to like his brunettes...  Tracey, Davina, Tracey again.  But what happens when he is forced to admit to his indiscretions on camera in front of Tracey's nearest and dearest?  It's cringey to say the least.  It began with an intense interrogation as Tracey sat there and smiled.  Dean nervously explained how he almost left his ne...

Corey Worthington Is All Grown Up And Married!



He’s now 24-years-old but he shot to fame when he was just 16, for throwing that over the top party - and getting some serious attention from the media. He threw the “best street party ever”, inviting hundreds over social media and had no regret when he was reprimanded for it. In fact he stood there on TV with his bleached blonde hair, yello...

"I flew first class around the world for $300"

The Feed


26-year-old blogger Sam Huang has taken advantage of credit cards and loopholes in airline policies to score a dream round the world flight at the cost of a flight from Sydney to Melbourne.  Huang paid a mere $300 for a flight that would normally cost about $60,000.  The 21,136 mile trip was documented on his TopMiles site and took him to seve...

Some Must-Dos For First-Home Buyers

Real Estate & Finance


Buying your first home can be nerve-racking. As a first-time homebuyer, you will navigate a process that might include uncertainty, excitement, confusion and frustration. But preparation and knowledge can help you stay on the right track. Here are seven steps that can improve your chances of having a good homebuying experience. GET PRE-APPROVE...

Kid Describes His Very First Kiss And It's Too Adorable



A young boy named Griffin has become a viral sensation after a video in which he describes how his first kiss made his mind go "kablooey."  

See Inside The ULTIMATE First Class Flight And Die A Little Inside…



We're very sorry if you've just booked a 14 hour economy class ticket, because these pictures will kill you.  Introducing the most lush First Class carrier EVER.  Seymourpowell's 'First Spaces' suites are everything you've dreamed of and more...  There are four single suites or two double suites to choose from and they are basically so lu...

MAFS Groom Backtracks On His Wish To ‘Build A Future’ With Nadia



During the renewal of his vows, Anthony confessed his love for bride Nadia. Many expected this to be the moment that turned their love story around for the better, but unfortunately it was not to be. On Monday night’s ‘aftermath’ Anthony revealed that ‘we’re definitely not in love’ as the pair struggled to make their relationship work once mov...

Jonesy & Amanda With MAFS Couple Nic And Cyrell

Jonesy & Amanda


We think Nic smells great, but Cyrell's familys dining manners stink! Missed some of the show or just want to hear it again? Well you can with Jonesy & Amanda's JAMcast! Segments include: Magnificent Seven - JALmanac: Men At Work's "Down Under" - The Pub Test: Are voice mails dead? - HeadJAM - 'What I Learned Off The TV!’ We take your...

Heart's Ann Wilson Gets Married



Ann Wilson followed her heart and got married over the weekend. The Heart member tied the knot with Dean Wetter in front of close friends and family in her manager's backyard in Topanga, California, on Saturday, the newlyweds tell People magazine. Heart's official Twitter feed confirmed, "A harmonious melody of devotion was felt on 25/4 as #An...

Married With Children Spin Off In Works



Could it be?  The Bundys could be heading back to our TV screens with the one and only David Faustino (Bud Bundy) revealing a reunion is in process of approval.  Speaking at his on screen sister Christina Applegate's movie premiere for Vacation, he confirmed the news.  "Sony has it. They're excited about it," Faustino told E Online.  "They'r...

Tennis Ace Andy Murray Is A First-Time Father



Tennis star Andy Murray and his wife Kim Sears are new parents, according to a U.K. report. The Scottish sportsman, who is ranked world number two, and Sears welcomed a girl on Sunday night, according to The former Wimbledon champion married his longtime partner in his hometown of Dunblane, Scotland in April, 2015 and reports of the...

First-Home Buyers Feeling Priced Out

Real Estate & Finance


A majority of first-home buyers are feeling priced out of the suburb they want to live in. Many young people want to live in a cosmopolitan area near where they work but that big city aspiration is looking increasingly elusive as house prices soar. Nationally, 54 per cent of aspiring home hunters believe they won't be able to buy exactly where...

This Kindergartener Documented Her First Day Of School

The Feed


Were you ever worried about your little one heading off to school? Worry no more! A little girl from the US, named Adrianna, had her first day of Kindergarten documented by a GoPro strapped to her chest. The six-year-old's dad, Derek Duncan, is a digital communications specialist and wanted to do something to ease worrying parents. Adrianna's...

This Chubby Dog Flew First Class On American Airlines

The Feed


A photo of a very large dog being carted onto a plane in Los Angeles has gone viral thanks to a Twitter user. The dog's name is Hank, and he flew first class with his owner Kari Whitman, an interior designer. Hank is her support animal and due to an illness he can only move with the aid of the cart - which also explains his weight. holy shi...

Mariah Carey's Dogs Fly First Class -- Without Her!



Mariah Carey spares no expense when it comes to her pooches' travel plans -- they fly first class. Mimi just treated her purse-size pups Cha Cha and Jill E. Beans to pricey tickets from Aspen, Colorado to Los Angeles, where they're set to move into their new home with their new stepdad, James Packer. A source tells the New York Post, “Mariah’s...

Asher Keddie & Vincent Fantauzzo Welcome First Child Together



Asher Keddie has given birth to her first child. The 40-year-old actress and her artist husband Vincent Fantauzzo, 38, welcomed their first child together this morning, according to various reports, but are yet to reveal whether the baby is a boy or a girl. broke the news in November that the Offspring star was pregnant when she re...

Alice Cooper Paid for His Snakes to Travel in First Class



Alice Cooper used to pay for his snake to travel in first class. The rocker likes to treat his three-year-old boa constrictor Christopher like a child and can't bear the thought of him being cooped up in a cage under the plane so, instead, pays out to secure him a seat of his own right next to him. He said: "We're both great on the road - we l...

First Wives Club Officially Picked Up For A TV Reboot



Last year we were in a tizzy when we heard one of our all time favourite movies was returning to our screens in the form of a TV show.  And while the first attempt at bringing the story to life may have been passed on by TV Land, critically acclaimed screenwriter Tracy Oliver has given the project new life, through Paramount Network.  Oliver m...

A Flowergirl And Ringbearer At Wedding Married 17 Years On

The Feed


They first met in a church where they were to be flowergirl and ringbearer at a wedding. When Adrian first found out, when he was a five-year-old, he was gutted. "I was devastated. I was like 'tell me I don't have to walk down the aisle with her!'" he told WBTV. But while Adrian wasn't interested, Brooke had already formed a little crush on h...

Ronan Keating has married girlfriend Storm Uechtritz



Photo: Getty ImagesRonan Keating has married girlfriend Storm Uechtritz in Scotland.The Boyzone star wed the Australian model in a glamorous ceremony at the luxury Archerfield House estate in East Lothian on Monday (17.08.15).Guests included his bandmates Shane Lynch and Keith Duffy, as well as Brian McFadden and Dannii Minogue.The happy couple...

Brian Johnson Sang Same Lyrics To Two Songs At His First AC/DC Concert

Music News


Johnson’s first performance with AC/DC was in Belgium on June 29, 1980, just six months after Bon Scott played his last show with the band in the UK in January.  “The first thing I did, we did two songs, ‘Bad Boy Boogie’ and the other one,” Johnson said in an interview. “I sang the same lyrics to both songs. I was so nervous, I sang the first s...

First Teaser For Sam Smith's Music Video To Bond Theme

Music News


After the unveiling last week - see what you think of this tease for the video to the Spectre theme song. Sam Smith's new James Bond theme song has finally arrived... and it's gone down a treat with fans of both the star & the 007 movies after our first play. Plus... the UK star has unveiled a short teaser for the track's music video We had ou...

First Picture Of Johnny Depp In 'Pirates Of The Caribbean 5' Revealed



Producer Jerry Bruckheimer has shared the first picture of Johnny Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates Of The Caribbean 5. "Captain Jack is back and we're not letting him go," Bruckheimer wrote on Twitter as he tweeted a picture of the scheming seafarer bound in ropes. Depp started shooting the sequel, which has been titled Pirates Of The Ca...

Best Worst Married Names Ever

The Feed


After Joel Burger married Ashley King recently and had the ceremony catered by Burger King we thought we'd look up some more examples of wedding announcements that bring together some unintentionally hilarious surnames together! Images via thechive 

Blind Man Sees for the First Time in 20 Years

The Feed


Mark Cornell lost his sight 20 years ago after serving in the US air force for 18 years.  Watch this emotional moment as he finally gets to see his friends and family for the first time. 

We Chat To John Paul Young About His New Show

Jonesy & Amanda


Missed some of the show this morning or just want to hear it again? Well you can in today’s JAMcast! Segments include: - Man rushed to hospital after putting two live fish up his anus- Jonesy’s words on old neighbour Ken who passed away- Amanda’s Tweets: Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole have a baby- "Number Plate Douches"- Amanda’s husband forgot...

Bin Bottle Bandits Weird Romances Big Fact And More

Jonesy & Amanda


Missed some of the show or just want to hear it again? Well you can with Jonesy & Amanda's JAMcast! Segments include: Magnificent Seven - JALmanac: KC & The Sunshine Band -  Does cashing in on other peoples bottles from their yellow bin pass the Pub Test? - HeadJam - 'Don’t Judge Me… But I’ve Just Learnt To…' We take your calls - Mo...

If The Little Mermaid Were To Get Married...

Health & Beauty


Photos: Mathieu Photo & Mark Brooke Photography For all those people who love a happy ending... and more specifically a fairytale wedding, this is for you. In what has to be one of the most Pinterest-worthy wedding shoots you'll ever see, online wedding marketplace Your Cloud Parade have imagined what it would look like if The Little Mermaid w...

Meet The Mad Max Stunt Doubles Who Fell In Love On Set And Married!

The Feed


New Zealander stunt Doubles Dayna and Dane Grant met on set filming Mad Max: Fury Road in the Namibian Desert in 2012.  Dayna was Charlize Theron's double and Dane was Tom Hardy's and while acting together, fell in love! The couple are now married and have a 14 month old son.  Speaking to Stuff NZ about how the relationship blossomed, Dane sa...

After 30 Years Together This Celeb Couple Is Getting Married!



After 30 years together, Goldie Hawn is set to wed her long time partner Kurt Russell! Set to tie the knot early in the new year, The Express newspaper delivered the news first. The pair met in 1983 on set and have been together ever since. The announcement also coincides with Goldie's 70th birthday over the weekend.  Daughter Kate Hudson...

BREAKING: Michael And Kyly Clarke Expecting Their First Child!



Michael and Kyly Clarke have announced that they are expecting over Instagram this morning! The Cricket star and his model and TV personality wife have been married since 2012. Michael, 33, wrote on his Instagram: "[we] are extremely ecstatic to announce that we are expecting our first child." Kyly, also 33, wrote "can't wait to meet baby Cla...

Did Michelle Bridges And The Commando Just Get Married?



Michelle Bridges has shared her great sense of humour, responding to rumours she secretly married The Commando while on holidays. Taking to Instagram, the mum-to-be had some fun providing photos from their ‘secret wedding’. Writing about the snaps, Michelle told fans: “So here are our "wedding" photos! I have 'no idea' why our themed wedding...

John Lennon's First Wife Cynthia Passes Away



Cynthia Lennon, the first wife of former Beatles guitarist John Lennon, has died of cancer at her home in Spain. The news was announced on Wednesday on the website and Twitter account of her son, Julian Lennon, and was confirmed by his representative. The 75-year-old died at her home in Mallorca "following a short but brave battle with cancer,...

Jim Carrey's Ex Was Married At Time Of Death



Jim Carrey's ex-girlfriend, Cathriona White - who died in a suspected suicide - was reportedly married at the time of her passing. Despite news that she and Jim broke up only five days before her death, and that her suicide note mentioned the actor, the L.A. County Medical Examiner's office has confirmed White was married. 'She had a husband, w...

Djokovic Talks awkward first date with now wife!



Novak Djokovic has revealed how he survived a real-life break point to forge one of the great love matches in tennis. The world No.1 admits he got his game plan all wrong for his first date 10 years ago with now-wife Jelena, who was left underwhelmed by Djokovic's choice of a Monte Carlo sports bar. But that was just the start of his romantic...

Did Bob Geldof Just Get Married?



Rocker Bob Geldof has reportedly married his long term partner Jeanne Marine in a romantic ceremony in the South of France. The Irish rocker is said to have tied the knot with the French actress in the Rayol-Canadel-sur-Mer province. Geldof's daughter Fifi appeared to confirm the nuptials on Instagram when she posted a photograph with her fian...

Kid's First Experiences

The Feed


Some of the bigger moments, as well as some of the more random, that a child experiences for the first time are captured in this gallery that covers over 60 years of history and first time wonder.

'Just Married' Car Starts Wild Police Chase

The Feed


It sounds like this guy's wedding day wasn't the happiest of his life.  A man driving an SUV with 'Just Married' scrawled across the back was arrested in Tennessee after taking the police on a wild pursuit. Swerving through traffic, trying to force the police onto offramps, crashing into barriers and general bad driving were all on display, wi...

The First Time Is Always The Best

The Feed


From an elephants first time on a beach to a child dressing itself, these moments some big some small, are perfectly captured for the very first time. Images via thechive 

Kids First Time

The Feed


Experiencing something for the first time is always a real eye-opener, especially if you are a kid. Things that as grown ups that we take for granted through the eyes of a child can appear mind-blowing! From meeting your first ever dog to watching TV, the first time is always filled with awe and wonder.

Animals First Time

The Feed


If you thought seeing photos of children seeing and experiencing things for the very first time was cute, wait until you see these animals. From birds flying for the first time to slightly less natural events as dogs going down slippery dips for the first time, these pictures are priceless.

Michelle Bridges & ‘Commando’ Expecting First Child!



Michelle Bridges and Steve "Commando" Willis are expecting their first child together, confirmed on Michelle's Instagram page! A photo posted by Michelle Bridges (@mishbridges) on Jul 15, 2015 at 12:57pm PDT They have been together on-and-off for two years, since they controversially got together on the set of The Biggest L...

The Wiggles' Lachlan Gillespie and Emma Watkins Are Married!



Congratulations is in order for two of our favourite members of The Wiggles - Purple Wiggle Lachlan Gillespie and Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins - who were wed yesterday! The ceremony took place in NSW's Southern Highlands Bowral. And while it was an adult celebration there were still elements of The Wiggles throughout the ceremony.  All past a...

First look at Hemsworth in Ghostbusters



Chris Hemsworth will be a part of the role reversals in the new all-female Ghostbusters remake, playing the team's receptionist. The first official pictures of the remake have come out, with the Australian actor sporting some retro glasses, a nice vest and burgundy tie. Get your first look at Chris Hemsworth in #Ghostbusters:

First American Convert to AFL


St Kilda ruckman Jason Holmes will make history on Saturday night by becoming the first born and raised American to play AFL when he debuts against Geelong at Etihad Stadium. The former college basketballer, who stands at 203cm, converted to Australian football just two and a half years ago and was signed as an international rookie for St Kilda...

First Model with Downs Syndrome

The Feed


Jamie Brewer is making fashion history as she becomes the first model with Down Syndrome to walk at New York Fashion Week. She will be making her catwalk debut for designer Carrie Hammer, one of the first shows of the busy week.  Jamie who is a spokesperson for people living with the condition, can't wait to start breaking down more barriers....

Blind Man Sees Wife For First Time In 10 Years

The Feed


With the news the way it is, it's not all that often that we get to see something truly heartwarming. This story is about a 68-year-old man who began losing his eyesight due to a degenerative eye disease called retinitis pigmentosa 10 years earlier. The disease meant that the grandfather of 10 had to prematurely call time on his career as a ch...

App Lets People With Sight Guide Blind People Over Video Chat!

The Feed


A new App has been developed to make the lives of the blind a little easier. It's called 'Be My Eyes'.  According to their website it "connects blind people with volunteer helpers from around the world via live video chat".  Basically it allows those with sight to see through a blind persons camera phone in order to help them "see" things.  T...

30 year old set to have the worlds first FULL HEAD TRANSPLANT

The Feed


Yes, you read correctly. 30 year old computer scientist Valeri Spiridonov is set to undergo the world's first full head transplant. Confused? Valeri's head will be removed, and married with a donor body by Italian surgeon Dr. Sergio Canavero. Valeri suffers from a fatal muscle wasting disease, and is not backing down from the pioneering surger...

Kid Sees Payphone For The First Time

The Feed


Along with mail boxes, fire hydrants and fax machines, pay phones are pretty much non-existent in 2015. Watch the hilarious reaction when this young boy encounters one on the street for the very first time. He's not sure if someone will call him, or why it has a cord connected to it!

First-time Home Buyers Pessimistic

Real Estate & Finance


Nearly 90 per cent of first-time home buyers in Australia believe it has become harder to get onto the property ladder while Britons face some of the toughest housing market conditions in Europe, an international survey of consumers suggests. The ING International Survey on Homes and Mortgages, which surveyed nearly 15,000 people across 15 coun...

First Fantastic Beasts trailer released



The first trailer for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find has landed, and its magical. The film is a spiritual prequel to the Harry Potter series starring Eddie Redmayne as famous magizoologist Newt Scamander in 1920s New York. Spells, magic and mystery abound in the teaser returning fans to the wizarding world of JK Rowling. The trailer als...

First 'Friends' Reunion Clip Released!



It has been a LONG time coming, but the first clip of the much awaited Friends reunion (minus Chandler aka Matthew Perry) has been released by US television network NBC. Jennifer Aniston (Rachel), Courtney Cox (Monica), Matt LeBlanc (Joey), Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe) and David Schwimmer (Ross) sat down for What Happens Live! with host, Andy Cohen....

Wimbledon gets first taste of rain



Wimbledon is getting its first drops of rain at this year's tournament.After the hottest day in the grand slam tournament's history on Wednesday, temperatures were cooler and light drizzle started shortly before play was set to start on Thursday.Covers were pulled over the outside courts, while the roof stayed closed on Centre Court.Play on outs...

AMA calls for safety first at festivals



Medical experts are calling for music festival organisers to put safety first after two people died at festivals in the last two months."Festival organisers have a duty of care to their patrons to ensure that profit is not put ahead of health," Australian Medical Association president Brian Owler said.Pharmacist Sylvia Choi, 25, died from a susp...

Beating First Home Buyer Fatigue

Real Estate & Finance


Saving for your first home can feel like running a marathon. As any distance runner knows, at some stage you could hit the wall of fatigue. ME Bank's head of home loans, Patrick Nolan, has put forward four strategies to help first home savers and, perhaps, long distance runners, reach their goal. KEEP A CONSISTENT PACE  Throwing as much cash...

Anne Hathaway Expecting First Child



Oscar winner Anne Hathaway is expecting her first child, according to U.S. reports. A source tells E! News the actress is in her second trimester and "feeling great". Hathaway, 33, wed Adam Shulman, 34, in September, 2012, and immediately started cooing about family planning. "I'll start with one healthy kid but I'd like to have a few natural...

X Files Reboot: First Look



It's official. We have our first look at the new X Files reboot in video form... even if it is only a short snippet.  While the return of our favourite characters FBI Agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) won't return to our screens until January 2016, we are already excited.  The 15 second clip is just the begi...

First death on Vic roads in 2016



A motorcyclist is the first person to die on Victorian roads in 2016.The man lost control in Nunawading just after 8.30pm and veered into a tree, police believe.He died at the scene and the cause of the crash is yet to be determined.Victoria's last road death in 2015 was a 19-year-old man who was killed when a car driven by a learner left the ro...

The Interview takes in $US1m on first day



Raunchy comedy The Interview has taken in a million dollars in its limited release opening day, Sony Studios says, after the company and movie theatres were threatened by hackers."The limited release, in under 10 per cent of the amount of theatres originally planned, featured numerous sellouts and a first-day gross over $US1 million ($A1.08 mill...

MIssy Higgins Welcomes First Son



 Congratulations to the Australian singer Missy Higgins and her fiance Dan Lee who welcomed their first son on Tuesday! Posting the first photo of a very adorable Sam Arrow Lee on Instagram this week, Missy Higgins showed off an intimate moment between mother and son.  Before giving birth Missy Higgins has been busy touring Australia to promot...

Branson Opens First Virgin Hotel



Hotel rooms which boast free wifi, water and yoga mats, minibars stocked with shop-priced items and bathrooms with the right lighting for putting on make-up are just some of the amenities being promised by Sir Richard Branson as he throws open the doors of his first Virgin hotel. The billionaire businessman danced through the streets of Chicago...

Frozen Returns! Your FIRST LOOK

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We've got some good news for you, Anna and Elsa are on their way back to your screens! Disney is following up their biggest animated movie of all time with a seven minute short "Frozen Fever".  Here's the first glimpse of what you can expect when the film, which will be shown in cinemas played before Disney's new live-action version of cindere...

The first EVER video of a cracking joint.

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Everyone knows that flexing a joint can cause it to 'crack' or 'pop' just like cracking a knuckle. It's a common sensation that isn't painful, but we were never able to ever see what was actually happening in real time. Scientests from the University of Alberta have for the first time imaged a joint cracking in real time after decades of debati...

Beatles' First Contract To Go To Auction

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The contract that launched the career of The Beatles will be sold in London later this month and is expected to fetch up to STG500,000 ($A1.09 million), Sotheby's auction house says. The document was signed by John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr with their manager Brian Epstein on October 1, 1962 - four days before the...

Gallagher makes first Senate speech



ACT Labor senator Katy Gallagher can't pinpoint the exact reason she got into politics.But the lack of women in the ACT assembly was one of them.Senator Gallagher went on to claim the top job of ACT politics, holding the title of chief minister from 2011 to 2014.She now sits in the Senate, representing the territory where she was raised, studied...

Did 17-Year-Old Paris Jackson Just Get Married?



Michael Jackson's teen daughter Paris has sparked marriage speculation after changing her name on Instagram.  Paris recently changed her name from Paris Jackson to Paris Jackson Castellaw, adding the surname of her boyfriend Chester, 18.  The pair have been dating since April and have both been posting cute, couple pics together since then....

Bowie to release first major album of 2016



David Bowie's 25th studio album, Blackstar, will be the first major release of 2016.Bowie will release Blackstar on Friday January 8, the date of his 69th birthday.The David Bowie Blackstar album features seven songs and clocks in at 40 minutes and 49 seconds.Bowie hinted at the jazz sound of the album with the reveal of the first song Sue (Or I...

An Abused Dog Gets Love For The First Time (1)

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At a Dog Shelter in Romania, dog rescuer Monica Mitreanu shows love to an abused puppy for the first time. If this doesn't break you I don't know what will. From the YouTube description: The woman will approach the dog to pet her. Very fearful, the animal will start screaming and crying. But after a few long seconds, he will eventually calm...

Cute Baby Wallaby Takes First Steps, Stacks It

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Whats cuter than a baby taking it's first steps? A baby animal taking it's first steps of course! This video posted by ACT Wildlife Australia of a wallaby taking it's first steps is too cute for words, watch below as little Illawarra (nicknamed Illy) does her best on a slippery floor. Video via: ACT Wildlife Australia They have a stack of...

Zoolander's Back In First Trailer, Following Accidental Leak



Fourteen years after Zoolander first hit our screens, our favourite male model is back in a new trailer! After being released for just a couple of hours on Saturday before being removed once again, the first trailer for Zoolander 2 has been officially released - and it's well worth the wait. With liners like "If God exists then why did he make...

These Rescued Lab Beagles Felt Grass For The First Time

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These Beagles spent their whole lives in laboratory cages being used for animal testing, but this video documents the rescue of 38 dogs from across the US. They were saved by the Beagle Freedom Project, and they're shown feeling grass under their paws for the first time. The dogs were due to be euthanised after the labs no longer needed them,...

Kids Try SPAM For The First Time And Their Reactions Are Hilarious



SPAM is a unique dish. Most people eat it out of desperation during hard times. Still there are people who actually enjoy the canned pork dish. Today, most kids are lucky enough to not be served spam. So how will kids react when they try the canned meat for the first time? Their reactions are priceless.

There's A New Mission Impossible And We Have The First Trailer!



Tom Cruise is back and shirtless in the first trailer for Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation. The fifth installment in the hit series sees Cruise take on an international rogue organisation, in what is of course a mission: impossible. Joined by Jeremy Renner and Simon Pegg, the full trailer for the film is expected to hit cinemas from July.

Get Your First Look At The New Entourage Movie



If you were a fan of Entourage, it's time to get excited because your first look at the new movie is here! And just like the series, which ended in 2011, there's plenty of star spotting to be done - including an appearance by Mark Wahlberg of course! The flick is set to hit Australian cinemas this June 4.

Sharks sign first major sponsor since 2011



Cronulla have secured their first major long-term naming rights sponsor in almost four years, with Southern Radiology signing on with the NRL club until the end of 2017.Sharks skipper Paul Gallen is also a confirmed starter for Sunday afternoon's clash against the Roosters.The announcement is a major step in Cronulla's rebuild and comes after ye...