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The Life Hack That Will Stop You from Crying

Health & Beauty


Sometimes tears can come on at the WRONG time but thanks to “science” we now have a way to prevent the waterworks. This is a little kooky but we’re sure you’ll take this brilliant discovery and use it at some point in your life. One minute you’re on cloud nine then the next, you’ve been broken up with via text, right before an important meetin...

The Ultimate Hack To Get You Through This Heatwave (3)

At Home


In case you haven’t heard, it’s about to get hot… REAL HOT. With temperatures expected to get as high as 39 degrees for parts of the south-east over the next week, we’ll take any hints we can to escape the heat. And we’ve found the ULTIMATE hack for those of you lucky enough to have an air conditioner at home! If you cringe at thought of yo...

This Is Why There Is A Hole In Your Pasta Server

At Home


If you’ve ever looked at the hole in your spaghetti spoon and wondered what it’s purpose is, we’ve got some good news for you…  Although the hole just appears to be used for draining water, it’s actual purpose is far greater (and in my opinion, GENIUS!) The hole in fact helps you cook the right amount of pasta for one serving. So you will no l...

Movie review The Secret Life Of Pets


MOVIE REVIEW: The secret life of pets Fresh from the makers of Despicable Me comes this animated gem - The Secret Life of Pets. The movie is sure to be a school holidays staple, as it explores what our four-legged friends get up to while we are out of the house. Listen here as WSFM's LA entertainment guru, Katherine Tulich chats with two of t...

This 100 Year Old Trick Lights A Match In The Wind!

The Feed


If you've ever tried to light a candle or a cigarette with a match outside, you'll know the perils that the wind can make for you. As soon as you've lit your flame it's out - and you end up wasting almost an entire box. Not to mention your lighter keeps blowing out. Great. Luckily, there IS a way to do it. You just have to be prepared. If...

How Breastfeeding Saved A Young Mum’s Life...

Health & Beauty


A little boy has been praised for saving his mother's life after alerting her to a potentially deadly cancer. Little Teddy's 26-year-old mum was more focused on breastfeeding her newborn then picking up on the tell tale signs, when the newborn did something amazing. After picking up breastfeeding naturally, six months on the little boy began to...

This Duvet Trick Will Change The Way You Live Forever

At Home


We'll take any hint we can if it can help us make our bed quicker and easier! Apparently it's all in the Burrito Roll method according to Stephanie Sisco from Real Simple Magazine. Check out the video instruction... Here's some step-by-step instruction: 1. Turn your doona cover inside out and lie it flat on your bed. 2. Lie your doona fla...

The 15 Kmart Buy That Women Are Going CRAZY For

Health & Beauty


Yes Kmart, yes! The latest cult buy from our favourite affordable retailer comes at 100% zero surprise... you cannot really top this! Comfy, flattering, stylish, and most importantly, CHEAP! Have we got your attention yet? The sheer, floaty, lightweight leopard print shirt that's caught they eye of Instagram fashion influencers has us absolut...

This Tiny Washing Machine Could Change How We Do laundry Forever!

The Feed


Having a washing machine is sometimes too expensive, not realistic or outright impossible in the city these days. This means people usually have to venture out to a laundromat, return home to mum's house or go with out underwear for a few days.  However a company called Yirego has invented a a new miniature washing machine called Drumi, which...

The Bizarre Trick To Make The PERFECT Pork Crackling Every Time!

Food & Wine


Perfect pork crackling is like the most elusive culinary feat there ever was. You blast with heat, worried that you’re drying out the meat. Is there enough salt? Did I rub with enough oil? What’s my name again?? It’s perplexing and stressful to say the least, because if you serve rubbery crackling - it’s basically like saying you hate Chris...

OMG! This $6 Recipe Makes A YEAR'S Worth Of Washing Powder!

At Home


Have you decided that you spend WAY too much on things? You splurge on things that you probably shouldn't, and feel like you never have any money left over for anything? You're not alone. According to the woman dubbed 'Australia's thriftiest mum', Jody Allen, there is PLENTY we could be doing to save money - and lower our necessary costs. T...

A Nine-Year-Old Boy Is Fighting For Life After Being Struck By An Alleged Drink Driver On Christmas Day

The Feed


A nine-year-old boy is in a critical condition after being hit by an alleged drink driver on Christmas day.  Police will allege a 24-year-old man struck the boy just after 7:20 last night. According to reports, the driver lost control of the car he was driving off Jardine Street in Queensland's southeast. He then allegedly hit another car befor...

Study reveals how much sex makes a couple the happiest

Health & Beauty


Photo: Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth in 2008’s Sex And The City: The Movie. Photograph: New Line/Everett/Rex Feature Date night could become a more popular thing, as new research finds that happiness peaks when couples have sex once a week but does not increase with greater frequency. “Although more frequent sex is associated with greate...

How to make an emergency spare key

The Feed


How to make an emergency spare key. This tutorial shows you how to make a print of an original padlock key, and transfer it onto the lid of a food can. You can then cut out your own DIY spare key and use it to unlock your padlock. You might want to use pliers and safety gloves to do this project, and please be careful not to cut yourself.

Why Makeup Artists Are Telling You To Shave your FACE

Health & Beauty


Waxing, plucking, threading, sugaring, shaving… when it comes to hair removal the list is endless. For years women have been told one thing is certain - NEVER shave your face. If the hair is dark enough it can be lasered away, however if there is peach fuzz present the best thing to do is leave it alone. The belief has always been that if you...

Sex Education Gets Thumbs Down From Students



Embarrassing, out of touch, and too late: That's the blunt assessment of sex education classes by school students around the world, including Australia. A review of 55 studies of young people's experiences in sex and relationship education (SRE) classes has found little improvement in the quality of teaching during the past quarter of a century...

FINALLY! How To Cut A Cake Without Getting Crumbs ANYWHERE!



It seems every day the human species is getting closer to perfection. Well, our cake-accessories are definitely getting closer to that mark.  Eating cake is a wonderful thing, but dealing with all those leftover crumbs that increase with each slice is painful. They get on the floor, on the table, and tbh are a total waste of cake. Luckily, the...

14 Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Headphones Could Do


Every iphone comes with a pair of these familiar white headphones, however there are heaps of things they can do that you probably didn't know about! 1. If you press the centre button once, it automatically plays a song from your music app.  2. If you press it again - it will pause the song. 3. If you double click the centre button it ski...

Simple iPhone Trick That Makes Your Device Run Faster Instantly!

The Feed


Ever wondered why your phone is SO SLOW? Odds are your RAM memory needs to be cleared, and iPhone enthusiast Marc Forrest has discovered exactly how to do it - easily! He tweeted, “Awesome #iOsTip to clear RAM memory,” “Hold down power button till ‘slide to power off’ comes up then hold down home button till app screen appears.” Here’s a ste...

Hundreds Of MILLIONS Of Email Passwords Have Been Stolen!



Hundreds of millions of people are tipped to be effected by one of the worlds biggest cyber attacks that has taken place. Data from around 97 million accounts have been stolen from Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo accounts, with 272.3 million users expecting to be affected. It is being claimed that the information is being traded in Russia's criminal...

Twitter Has Just Announced A GAME-CHANGER!

The Feed


Twitter is one the fore-fathers of social media. It has been the same since day one but that is all about to change. Since day one, you have only been able to send 140 characters inclusive of everything, your @'s, your photos and your message. It can be pretty stressful when you have an on-point message ready to go and you see that -1 sign ther...

Follow These 3 Simple Steps To Achieve Long Luscious Locks

Health & Beauty


In a world with so much pollution, bad hair care routines and cheap products it’s no wonder some of us get frustrated with the quality of our hair.   Many women have even resorted to hair extensions in a bid to fake it till they make it! However, they can be pricy and in some cases can cause more damage then they’re worth. Another alternat...

If You Pull Out A Grey Hair Will It Cause More To Grow Back?

Health & Beauty


Grey hair is the nightmare awaiting all women to signal that the dreaded day has come. You're old. Well, not OLD old, but definitely older. You've reached that stage where your boobs and your face no longer sit where they used to and you'll have to start colouring your hair not because you fancy a change in colour, but because you're desperate...

The One Thing You Should NEVER Do To Your Hair In The Morning

Health & Beauty


Most morning routines consist of pressing Snooze one-too-many times, frantic searches for clean clothes and a quick wash followed by a comb through the hair. However apparently that last step is one we should be avoiding at all costs. Hairdresser to the stars, George Northwood, says under no circumstances should we be brushing our hair in the...

This 49 Cent Item Could Be the Best Thing Ever for Your Home (3)

At Home


A 49 cent IKEA TEKLA tea towel is taking the internet by storm, according to Kidspot. Thrifty online users are showing how the 100 per cent cotton kitchen item can be re-purposed. Some are using it as a place setting napkin, while others turn them into curtains! The cotton weave becomes more absorbent after a handful of washes, as opposed to...

We’ve Been Putting Band-Aids On Wrong This WHOLE Time (2)

Health & Beauty


According to a new video, we’ve been using the Band-Aid wrong this whole time! How hard can it be? Open packet, peel off the ends, stick? The new ‘how-to’ video shows that there is more to it than just sticking one over the wound and forgetting about it. Using a finger as the demonstration, the short clip shows that you should carefully snip...

This is why you should make your bed every morning

At Home


There have always been two types of people in the world.  Those who make their bed and those who don't.  However the results are out - if you make your bed every morning you are likely to be A LOT more organised AND a much nicer person to live with!  A survey of 68,000 people by, revealed 59 per cent of people don’t make their beds,...

THIS Weird Trick Frees Up iPhone Storage With No Deleting!



It's every iPhone owners worst nightmare, the moment a little box pops up on your screen telling you, your latest hot AF selfie can't be saved because you have no storage left. Then you spend hours, if not days, NO YEARS, trying to figure out what delete to bring back the space and there's nothing you can do. Well, don't say we don't look afte...

Mother Returns Home To Find Most Irreplaceable Item Stolen

The Feed


A mother has returned home to find her most irreplaceable possession has been stolen. Raewyn Wahnig from Christchurch, New Zealand, has made an emotional plea for thieves to return her son’s ashes.  The ashes were stolen during a burglary on Thursday, along with thousands of dollars worth of jewellery, and Ms Wahnig has erected a sign pleading...

The Trick To Stop Losing Your Hair Ties FOREVER!

Health & Beauty


Are you one of those people who is never able to find their hair tie? You fling it in your bag because it looks ugly on your wrist and then poof - it's gone for all eternity. Well, a very clever jewellery brand have created the ultimate solution to this issue. They've created a bracelet that's also a built-in hair tie holder. Yep, BitterSwee...

Save THOUSANDS In The Supermarket By Following These Thrifty Tips

Real Estate & Finance


Every penny counts. And in a bid to try and save some cash every week thrifty consumers are constantly looking out for deals and splitting their shopping between Coles, Woolworths and Aldi. But now it's been made a little easier to save money on your weekly shop thanks to Aussie Mum Amanda Voisey, 33, who has come up with some pretty clever wa...

The One Thing All SMART Aussies Are Doing This Christmas

The Feed


It’s hard to believe Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re like me, there’s still so much to do! If you’re wondering why there’s a growing number of the population who have smugly purchased all their gifts and even planned their Christmas feast, this information might make you feel a little happier. A growing number of people are ou...

Is that to size, Cristian Ronaldo?



Is that to size? Hello Cristiano Ronaldo! One of football's elite was recognised with a monument in Madeira this week and certain elements of the statue have certainly turned heads.  Featuring a rather flattering bulge, perhaps the monument is hinting at why Ronaldo also has his own underwear line CR7.    I feel so proud to be honoured wi...

Jamie Oliver Thinks Cooking Should Be Part Of Primary Curriculum

The Feed


Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver believes Aussie primary school children should be learning how to cook. He made the call while talking about his Food Revolution Day during an interview on Network Ten's show The Project. "So this year we're trying to get everyone to do a global petition for the right for every child to have the right to access prac...

Michael Clarke Retires From ODI

The Feed


Thoughts of Australia's 2019 World Cup campaign were in the forefront of Michael Clarke's mind when the captain decided to end his one-day career. Clarke has announced that Sunday's trans-Tasman World Cup decider will be his final ODI. The 33-year-old reached closure on the decision upon realising there was no chance he'd still be leading the...

12 Problems That Can Be Solved With Baby Powder

Health & Beauty


If you've always thought baby powder was only used to keep skin smooth and fresh, prepare for your world to be turned upside down.  Below are 12 surprising superpowers baby powder can have on these household woes.  1. A knotted necklace  Now you'll never have to waste time desperately tugging at tangled jewelry. Loosen necklace knots with a l...

'Sex Regret' Part of Teen Binge Drinking: Study



Many Australian teenagers are consuming up to 17 alcoholic drinks at a time, often resulting in regrettable sexual encounters and loss of consciousness, new research has found. A study of 16 to 19-year-olds representing the 25 per cent who drink the most among their peers has led to calls for greater action to help this vulnerable group of youn...

Guy Who Had His Penis Cut Off In The 90s Returns In New Show

The Feed


The name Lorena Bobbit still causes men around the world to shift in their chairs and uncomfortably cross their legs whenever her name is mentioned. You may recall that in 1993, after years of being a victim of domestic violence at the hands of her husband John Wayne Bobbit, Lorena snapped and chopped his penis off with a kitchen knife. Afte...

Woman's Devastating Illness Leaves Her Allergic To Husband

Health & Beauty


When Joanna was diagnosed with an allergy illness called Mast Cell Disease, nothing could prepare for her the heartbreak of the bizarre and sad situation facing her and her husband.  Joanna suffers from a severe form of Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, an immunological condition that causes her cells to mutate and attack her body. As her conditi...

Why Crayola Want This Crazy Beauty Trend To Stop, NOW

Health & Beauty


When you think about it, why wouldn't you swap your costly eyeliners for a pack of colour pencils that could do the same job? It's crazy to think of all the money that could have been saved had we just switched to a packet of colour pencils, right? Wrong. Though bloggers who are embracing the trend like Rachel Levin from Rclbeauty101 believe...

THIS Is How You Prevent The Dreaded Shaving Rash

Health & Beauty


After years of shaving our legs, underarms and bikini lines the skin around these areas can be more than a little damaged. We use moisturiser to combat dry and dehydrated skin and we buy expensive razors to try and avoid the dreaded shaving rash. However it seems that at times there’s nothing that can be done to avoid the unsightly red dots th...

This Mum Is Urging You to Check for Signs of Bowel Cancer

Health & Beauty


A 35-year-old mum of two is urging YOU to check for the signs of cancer after the fit and healthy woman has just been diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer. Deborah James is not the typical candidate for cancer. She’s a marathon runner, ex-national gymnast and says “you really are never too young”.   Deborah learnt she had the cancer just before...

300 Million Adultfriendfinder Accounts Compromised



Hundreds of millions of accounts linked to the “world’s largest sex and swinger community” have been compromised, it has been reported. Adultfriendfinder has leaked about 300 million accounts’ worth of user data, including email addresses, passwords, usernames, IP addresses and browser information. It’s understood that the breach is nearly ten...

This Hash Brown Hack Has Sent Social Media Into A Frenzy


Ok world, prepare to be absolutely ROCKED by this latest life hack. Posted on the Markdown Australia Facebook page, by Cham - who can only be celebrated as a genius, we are completely in awe of this trick. YOU CAN COOK STORE BOUGHT HASH BROWNS IN YOUR TOASTER. That's right - there's no more need to faff around with your oven, trays, baking paper...

You Have Been Eating McDonalds Wrong All Your Life

The Feed


If you are a fan of McDonalds then this hack could be about to change your life! Most of us dig around in the paper bag fishing out chips and burgers, but there's a new way to eat your fave fast food.  Some of us are already familiar with opening our burger box and pouring chips into the lid, but, did you ever think to balance your meal atop you...