Tuesday, March 06, 2012

80th Anniversary of Abbey Road Studios


It has been a long-standing tradition for visitors to pay homage to the band by writing on the studio fence in front, although it is painted over monthly.

2012 marks 80 years of recording at Abbey Road Studios – the most famous recording studio in the world. 

Established by The Gramophone Company, the predecessor of the British company EMI, the studios were the site in the 1960s for the innovative recording techniques adopted The Beatles and Pink Floyd. 

As of 2010, the studios site at 3 Abbey Road, Westminster have been granted heritage status by the British government. 

Originally a Georgian townhouse built in the 1830s the residence was acquired by the Gramophone company in 1931. 

Studio Two at Abbey Road became a centre of rock music in 1958 when Cliff Richard and the Drifters (later Cliff Richard and The Shadows) recorded "Move It" there, arguably the first European rock and roll single.

But Abbey road studios will forever be most linked with the Beatles, who recorded almost all of the singles and albums there between 1962 and 1970.

It was after the Beatles named their 1969 album Abbey Road that the studio changed its name from EMI Studios to Abbey Road Studios. 

Pink Floyd recorded most of their late 1960s to mid-1970s albums, returning only in 1988 for mixing and overdubbing subsequent albums.

The Shadows named their Live At Abbey Road album after the studio, with the cover spoofing The Beatles' album.

As part of their 80th anniversary celebrations, Abbey Road are opening their doors to the public in a rare opportunity to see where so much rock music magic was made. 

Our original vintage equipment will also be on display - including some of the very instruments, microphones, and studio hardware used to create classic tracks. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore and take photographs in Studio Two, where seminal acts like The Beatles, Oasis, The Hollies, The Shadows, Pink Floyd and Kate Bush recorded epoch-defining music. More recently, Elbow recorded their theme for the 2012 Olympics there and artists such as Ryan Adams, Laura Marling and Feist laid down performances for the worldwide Live from Abbey Road television show.

For more information – visit the Abbey Road Studios web site at 


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