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'Yummy Mummies' Spark Controversy After Breastfeeding Jibe

An Adelaide mum has sparked controversy after claiming ‘breastfeeding in public is illegal’ in a 90 second promo for new reality show Yummy Mummies.

Maria DiGeronimo is one of four women set to start in Seven ‘s latest reality TV offering.

The 90 second clip shows the women arriving at baby showers in horse drawn carts, buying high end baby products, and even receiving bouquets of $100 bills.

The show which follows the life of a group of pregnant women has been slammed by viewers for being “unrealistic” and “offensive" to women.

The stars of the reality show have been attacked online, labelled ”vacuous”, “unattractive” and “dumb.”   

The attention hasn’t phased the 31-year-old, who believes fans may change their opinion once they see more of the show.

“They’ve seen 90 seconds of my entire life. If you can judge someone on 90 seconds of their life, does that tell more about you or me,” says Ms DiGeronimo, who has an arts degree majoring in psychology and education," she told Adelaide Now. 


'Yummy Mummies' star Maria DiGeronimo

“I’m not out here to make people love me or hate me. It’s not about the fame. I’m just being me. I’m going to say my reality to everyone’s reality. I realise my reality may be different to others and anything I say is just my opinion.

“I’ve built up a thicker skin over the years, this is not new to me. My parents have worked so hard all their lives, always trying to give me the best ... sacrificing for me to have everything. It’s been criticised in the past, or put in a negative light," she continued. 

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