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You Won't Believe This Near Miss On A South Australian Road!

Terrifying vision has emerged of a near miss between a truck and a car near Port Augusta.

The video which was shared on Facebook shows the truck driver overtake another truck, forcing the quick-thinking driver to veer off the road to avoid a collision.

The clip has been viewed more than 32,000 and has prompted the truckie to be stood down as investigations begins.

In a caption alongside the video, the driver labelled the truckie an ‘idiot’ who couldn’t wait for the overtaking lane.”

The truck driver who has been stood down on full pay worked for Garden Grove. The company said in a statement it was: “deeply disappointed by this incident” and was conducting a “full investigation”.

“We understand the dangerous potential of this situation and are extremely grateful of the actions of the other driver to ensure no one was hurt,” the statement said.

“We assure you of our commitment to safety, and that appropriate action is currently being taken.

“We apologise to the community over the bad experience with one of our vehicles.”

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