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WSFM Breaking News Tuesday October 10 2017

- A man is under police guard in hospital ... after ending a 12 hour standoff which began with the discovery of a woman's body in CHATSWOOD.

The woman aged in her 30's was found face down in an alleyway yesterday morning ... soon after her boyfriend appeared on an awning of the 27th floor balcony.

Police are investigating whether she FELL or was PUSHED.

- Ever gone to use a GIFT CARD only to realise it's EXPIRED??

Well that could soon change ... with the STATE Government planning to make retailers honour the cards for THREE YEARS.

About 60 MILLION dollars is lost each years due to the vouchers expiring before being used.

- A former HOCKEYROO has admitted to defrauding a cancer charity ... by pretending to be terminally ill herself.

KATE HUBBLE has pleaded guilty to faking medical certificates and letters from oncologists claiming she had cancer.

She was working for RED KITE ... and a benefactor paid her 73-thousand dollar salary for more than TWO years.

She'll be sentenced on FRIDAY.

- The HIGH COURT will today begin hearing the eligibility of the SEVEN politicians caught up in the citizenship saga.

The constitution bans anyone holding dual citizenship from sitting in parliament.

The Government ... which faces the prospect of losing deputy PM BARNABY JOYCE ... plans to argue it should only apply to a person who has voluntarily obtained, or retained, that status.

- Where you live and how much MONEY you have is being linked to our HEART HEALTH.

New data maps from the HEART FOUNDATION reveal those from low-socioeconomic suburbs are 70-per-cent more likely to be hospitalised for heart attack or failure.

They're also TWICE as likely to die from heart disease ... with the figures also reflecting higher rates of smoking and obesity.

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