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WSFM Breaking News Thursday November 2 2017


US police say the truck driver who mowed down pedestrians in NEW YORK had been planning it for weeks and did it "in the name of ISIS".

EIGHT people were killed and several others are still fighting for life ... after the UZBEKISTAN national drove a rented van down a bike path near the WORLD TRADE CENTRE site.

29-year-old SAYFULLO SAI-POV was shot by police, and is now in police custody in hospital. NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Counter-terrorism JOHN MILLER says it appears he acted alone but on behalf of a greater group.

Australian drug mule CASSIE SAINSBURY has been sentenced to SIX years jail ... with a COLUMBIAN judge this morning approving a plea deal.

The judge has OK'd the deal she cut with Prosecutors ... which with time served and good behaviour could see her released in just 18 months. COCAINE CASSIE arrived at court surrounded by media ... while her mum was also in the room for the decision.

There are calls for applications for new pubs, clubs and bottle shops to be rejected ... if they're in a DOMESTIC VIOLENCE hot spot.

An advisory panel to the STATE Government has made the recommendation in its latest report ... which also shows 61-percent of female murders in NEW SOUTH WALES are domestic-related.

They say there is also a strong link between ALCOHOL and domestic violence ... and this must be taken into account when deciding on applications.

Paying your loans, credit cards and electricity bills on time could soon see you pay LESS.

The TURNBULL Government is planning sweeping changes which would make banks reward customers who do the right thing.

Currently credit reporting is NEGATIVE based ... and only looks at if a customer has any black marks against them.

NICOLE KIDMAN says she's making it her mission to champion the cause of FEMALE film makers.

The AUSSIE icon says she plans to make a movie with a female in charge at least every 18 months ... and says she's willing to do low budget films to make that happen.

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