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WSFM Breaking News Monday October 30 2017


The bitter battle over SUNDAY penalty rates is set to reignite ... with the UNIONS pouncing on the HIGH COURT decision to dump BARNABY JOYCE.

The ACTU says it's sought legal advice on whether it could challenge the ousted DEPUTY PM'S vote against the reversal of the cuts.

The FAIR WORK COMMISSION made the initial decision ... but an attempt to over-turn that decision in parliament ... failed by just ONE vote.

It's ONE of more than a HUNDRED decisions by MR JOYCE ... and former SENATOR FIONA NASH which are under a cloud.

New WESTERN SYDNEY housing estates are being built with streets so NARROW ... garbage trucks can't fit down them.

In a prime example of poor suburban planning ... drivers are being forced to get out and wheel the bins to their trucks.

A number of homes and garages have even been hit by the trucks ... which in some cases are forced to do SIX POINT TURNS just to get around.

Claims this morning our worst flu season on record is a result of authorities being SCABBY about the vaccine they offered us.

The Immunisation Coalition says we used a SIX-dollar "budget" version of the flu vaccine ...which doesn't work well in the elderly.

A stronger EIGHT-dollar vaccine has been found to be 24-percent more effective.

The billionaire boss of TESLA - ELON MUSK - says he can't understand why us AUSSIES have to pay so much for power.

He's in the process of building the world's biggest lithium ion battery in SOUTH AUSTRALIA.. to help the power situation there.

ELON telling 60 MINUTES.. we have so much coal and sunshine here...we should be overloaded with electricity.

A famous buyer has helped JOSH and ELYSE take out THE BLOCK ... and a prize of 547-thousand dollars.

The pair's house has been snapped up for just under 3.1 MILLION dollars by comedian DAVE HUGHES.

All the couples turned a profit ... including RONNIE and GEORGIA who didn't reach reserve at auction but negotiated a sale after.

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