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WSFM Breaking News Monday December 4 2017


There's reason for renewed optimism in Coalition ranks after Barnaby Joyce's landslide by-election win and now an improved showing in opinion polls.

Both today's Newspoll and Fairfax Ipsos poll has the Government trailing Labor 53-47 after last time trailing 55-45.

Malcolm Turnbull has also extended his lead as preferred PM, while more than two out of three voters don't think the the PM should be replaced.

A man is dead after a fire in a shed near Newcastle.

The man's been found inside the burnout shell this morning after crews were called to Morisset just before two-thirty.

Meantime another man's body has been found inside a home at Smithfield in Sydney's south-west. Police found drug paraphernalia and a hydroponic set-up in the house.

So-called "front of house" staff, like cashiers and bartenders - are now being trained by Sydney police, on how to deal with terror attacks.

Police are holding forums for businesses saying in the first five minutes of an attack, it's workers dealing with it, before they can get there.

They say it's not about being a hero and trying to bring down the offender ... but keep everyone else as safe as possible.

Proof this morning of just how bad junk food is for us.

A new study has found it re-programs our brains decreasing our self control, affecting memory and increasing anxiety.

Researches say it also make us want more high fat and high sugar food, so kicking the addiction is harder.

There are calls for prostitutes to be sent to the front line to service Australia's combat soldiers and help them relieve stress.

A female army captain has made the suggestion in an article on the official Australian Army website saying it would help relieve the loneliness and prolonged absence from loved ones.

She says if that's not workable soldiers should be given toys and rules on fraternisation between soldiers on the front line should be relaxed.

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