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Woolworths Apologises For 'Yelling' At A Pregnant Mother

Woolworths have apologised after an employee reportedly 'yelled' a pregnant mother of two in Melbourne, whose two young children were "being cheeky" in store. 

A Melbourne woman, 30, has complained to the supermarket chain about how her sister was treated at their Moonee Ponds store in Melbourne over the weekend. 

The woman took to Woolworth's Facebook Page saying her two nieces, aged three and one-and-a-half, were “being cheeky as children usually are, running around picking up items and throwing them into the trolley or just picking up items and throwing them on the ground”.

“We both were aware and trying to pick up after them...It was difficult as they were also running around being cheeky, as I said kids usually are, it’s their nature.”

The woman said an employee then approached her sister, saying “Your kids are making so much mess and throwing things everywhere! You should clean up after them!”, leaving her sister “in shock”.

“Yes, they were being cheeky but to be approached like they was absolutely out of line,” she wrote.

The woman claims that after her sister asked for the manager, another employee defended the first one, embarrassing her in front another customer. She said the second employee was "being very rude...butting in and trying to tell us off". 

The woman and her family left the store in disgust. 

According to The Herald Sunthe woman said big organisations like Woolworths needed to get the message that “customer service is a total experience, not just there to buy goods and leave”.

In a statement obtained by The Herald Sun, a Woolworths spokesman said the company apologies "for the unacceptable behaviour the customer received in our store...we expect our staff members to provide the best experience for our customers by helping out and assisting with their grocery shop in any way possible". 

Source: The Herald Sun 

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