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Woman Who Lost Pool In Sydney Storm Lost Something Far Worse

If you’ve been following the reports from the Sydney Storm, you’ll know all about ZaZa Silk, the woman who’s pool slid from her home in Collaroy as a result of the huge waves and high tide that hit the east coast.

However, the devastating photos that we’ve all seen aren’t even the worst of what she’s experienced over the past 72 hours; she’s also lost a large chunk of her family history.

She revealed on Channel 10’s The Project that she lost something incredibly dear to her.

“My mother was in an urn in the garden along with my beautiful dog who passed away recently,” she said.

“I would go and talk to them regularly and they’re gone.” She said her local council has “known about this for a long time and should’ve put a wall up” earlier.

“They’ve had this happen before. This could have been avoided.”

Our thoughts are with ZaZa during this difficult time.


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