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Huge Warning Over Australia's Summer To Come...

This is the stuff terrifying Aussie nightmares are made of! 

It's been a slow start to snake season, but we're being warned to be vigilant over summer, after a woman in South Australia discovered an eastern brown snake hiding inside her pair of Ugg boots. 

The woman saw a brown tail disappear into her boot, and called Snake Catchers Adelaide to come and collect the reptile. 

Snake Catchers Adelaide Manager, Rolly Burrell, told ABC News that it had been such a cold winter and "everything wants to come out". 

"They've missed out on a month of roaming and mating...It's nearly the end of September. Once we start getting some warm days, it's going to go off with a bang."

We really don't like the sound of snakes "going off with a bang", so here's some tips on how to stay safe.

- Keep a snake catcher's number handy in your phone - you never know when you'll need it! These days most people have their phones on them, so they can call us straight away whilst keeping their eye on the snake at all times

- Stay in an area where you can be in safe distance from the snake and don't leave until the snake catcher arrives. Keeping an eye on the snake is helpful, so the snake catchers know the area it has moved into. 

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