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Woman Filmed Picking Up Shark From Pool, Throws Him In Sea

Footage has emerged of a woman in Cronulla, swimming around in a shallow pool at the beach, following a shark.

The vision, which was uploaded to Cronulla Real Estate Facebook page, shows a woman swimming after a medium-sized shark in the pools.

She then picks it up and returns it over the rocks into the ocean.

The woman in the video, Melissa Hatheier, has explained her bravery.

‘So what happened was my gorgeous mum swims down there every morning with her little friends… and they were swimming around and mum saw a fin.

‘And she went, ‘oh God there’s a shark in the pool, so she got out and got on the mobile and rang me, and me and my brothers ran down and said, ‘Oh mum it’s just a little Port Jackson, it’ll be fine!’

‘But God love her, she called 000 as well so the next thing the Police turn up and they’re like, ‘well we don’t know what to do!’

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