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Woman Allegedly Makes Foul Discovery Inside Coles Lettuce

A woman has taken to social media to share her disgust after allegedly finding a live frog inside her Coles bag of lettuce. 

Linda Latina from Victoria was making dinner when she discovered a small brown frog at the bottom of her salad strainer. 

Linda took to Cole's Facebook page to share the following message. 

"I was a little shocked concerned that the frog was dead. To my surprise the frog was alive as per the video attached. I'm very appalled with the situation after the recent break out of from
packaged lettuce, you would think that the produce would be triple checked prior to being released to the store. I expect an explanation as to how this has happened and how you plan to remedy this so it doesn't happen again. I'm happy to be able to have rescued the frog but am still pretty disgusted at what's just happened."

Coles have since responded, asking Linda to send them a private message with more details about the item and its place of purchase.

Source: 9 News

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