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Why This Tattoo Could See Salim Mehajer In More Hot Water

After denying he was the owner of a distinctive leg tattoo seen in Instagram photographs, Salim Mehajer is now being pursued by NSW Police for permission to photograph his legs, to compare them with CCTV footage of a man with a prominent leg tattoo.

The image originally released by Bondi Ink shows a design featuring the name “Aysha”, initials “SM” and an image of a woman bearing a strong resemblance to his now former wife.


Picture: Bondi Ink.

Police investigating the alleged car crash staged by Mr Mehajer have CCTV vision of a man at a meeting held three days after the crash.

Police allege Mr Mehajer has the unique tattoo, and that $1250 was given as payment for the collision during the meeting.

A court hearing has been set down for the police application to photograph Mr Mehajer's legs to see if they match the man in the CCTV footage.

The Daily Telegraph revealed in February 2016 Bondi Ink photos of a man’s legs featuring a portrait of Mr Mehajer’s then wife Aysha on the upper thigh and her name on the lower leg.

Mr Mehajer denied the tattooed leg was his saying, “You have the wrong ­person. Come visit me I’ll show you my legs,”

However a former Bondi Ink tattoo artist told The Daily Telegraph he created the tattoo and his client was Mr Mehajer. “I did a fair amount of work on him,” 

"He’s a pretty cool cat, he chooses his own designs and I blend them in.”

Last Thursday, a Supreme Court judge granted Mr Mehajer bail on a $200,000 surety. 

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