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Why Is Sydney Being Overrun By Rental Bikes?

You may have noticed the growing number of dumped rental bikes right across Sydney over the past few months and wondered, what the hell is going on???

There are FOUR THOUSAND rental bikes in Sydney, with that number expected to soon reach TEN THOUSAND,and it would appear that many of them have just been left strewn across the city.


You can currently rent a pushbike from Reddy Go and oBike from $1.99 per 30 minutes.

And now Chinese company Ofo say they plan to distribute 200 bikes throughout Sydney this Wednesday night in time for the Thursday morning commuter rush. 

They also plan to launch 200 more in Waverly Council next week, followed by another 200 in the inner west.


All of the bikes are fitted with GPS trackers, so instead of returning the bike from where you first rented it, users can leave them anywhere and the next rider is able to find the bike through companies app.

However, this has led to a spate of bikes being left in random public places including trees and bushes, as well being dumped in canals and even the ocean.

Randwick City Council wants the bikes to have designated lock up spots and has threatened to fine operators if they are left in unsuitable areas.

“These problems stem from the fact there is no obligation for the hirer to return the bike to an appropriate and secure location,” said Randwick Mayor Lindsay Shurey.


Head of marketing for oBike Chethan Rangaswamy told AAP:

“The reality is that our business model is dockless,” 

“The whole concept came out of research in 600 cities that showed people find bikes that aren’t locked and parked in a dock station more convenient.”

So, it looks like we may have to get used to seeing even MORE bikes strewn across Sydney in the next few months...

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