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Where You Live And What You Earn Determines Your Cancer Risk

Startling statistics from the Cancer Institute NSW show that this year alone, almost 50,000 people living in New South Wales will be diagnosed with cancer, the most of any state in the country.

The data collected showed the most concentrated areas for breast cancer were in affluent Sydney suburbs where better nutrition and pregnancy over the age of 35 were risk factors.

Professor David Currow of the Cancer Institute told Daily Mail Australia that More than 3000 women in Sydney would make up 57% of breast cancer diagnoses in the entire state, with harbourside suburb Mosman expected to have the most.

Meanwhile, areas like Campbelltown were expected to have the most lung cancer diagnoses, due to higher rates of smoking.


Areas like Strathfield were expected to experience the lowest breast cancer rates, with residents less likely to be effected by obesity, inactivity, alcohol and smoking.

Botany Bay, Penrith, Blacktown and Liverpool had higher lung cancer predictions, while Hunters Hill, the Hills Shire and Hornsby had lower expectations.

Hawkesbury is expected to be a hot spot for bowel cancer, with old age a prominent risk factor for the area.


In the Sutherland Shire more than 75 people per 100,000 were expected to be diagnosed with melanoma, while just over 15 cases were predicted per 100,000 in Strathfield.

Professor Currow said, 'If you are diagnosed, you have some of the best treatment options in world, and the mortality rate is continuing to decrease year on year,'

'The most important thing to come from these numbers is each person can greatly lower their risk.'

'Quit smoking, that's single biggest factor, secondly, participate in national screening programs, exercise and eat balanced diet.'

Daily Mail

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