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Woman Finds Spew-Worthy Surprise At Bottom Of Drink Carton

A mum-of-two has taken to Facebook to share the horrendous surprise she found in a carton of coconut water AFTER she had finished drinking it.

Barbara Kline, from New York, claims to have suffered from vomiting and diarrhea for days after making the discovery at the bottom of a Vita Coco, which she described as a "octopus looking thing".

"I feel absolutely sick to my stomach even talking about it," Ms Kline said. "I know there is some type of animal in there.

"I've got told it looks like a mouse, I got told it looks like a squid... All I want is somebody to see it for themselves and understand that this is not right.

"I understand that products get mouldy and products get missed and sometimes spoil but this is just too much for me."

Ms Kline, who works in the medical industry, also revealed that she hadn't made the stomach-churning find until she swallowed a lump of the substance, at which point she "started vomiting".

"The diarrhea honestly just stopped on Friday," she added. "I immediately dumped out all the water. I shook it because I heard stuff bouncing around.

"I opened it with a knife and that's when I discovered the octopus-looking thing. 

"There were four of them altogether, maybe five and I swallowed one of them."

A spokesman from Vita Coco has confirmed that Ms Kline had sent them a sample of the carton contents, and that they were "reviewing [her] claim thoroughly so we can assist her in the best manner possible".

They added: "Vita Coco beverages do not contain preservatives... on rare occasions, random spoilage may occur.

"This is what we are investigating now."

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