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This Is The Best Day To Fill Up Petrol Before The Long W/E

If you’re excited about the long weekend and can feel it heating up outside, you’re certainly not alone.

After a long cold winter, Aussies are pumped to get out there and explore our fair country, with trips to the beach, up the coast and from pool party to pool party.

However, the one thing that can sting us every year are petrol prices, which have a naughty habit of going up around long weekends and holidays.

We made it our mission to find out which day you should be filling up your tank.

BRISBANE: average petrol price today 1.41 a litre

Advice: wait as long as you can to fill up. Just do top ups for the expected price drop in two weeks time.

SYDNEY: average petrol price today 1.14 a litre

Advice: it’s a good time to fill up, get in there asap!

ADELAIDE: average petrol price today 1.33 a litre

Advice: hold out if you can, as the price should drop back down after jumping up 24 cents mid-Sept.

MELBOURNE: average petrol price today of 1.40 a litre

Advice: wait until the weekend to fill up, as prices should ease.

PERTH: average petrol price today is 1.38 a litre

Advice: Fill up now, as prices are set to rise to around 1.42 per litre

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