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WA Can't Decide Which Car In This Video Is At Fault

It’s the question driving WA into a frenzy. 

Footage uploaded to the Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook page asks, "Who's at fault? As I feel the guy who turned into me is".

The video shows a section of road where the left lane appears to merge into the right immediately after a set of lights.

The thing is, despite the use of indicators, the car with the dash cam still makes contact with the merging vehicle.  

As one commenter said: "From the approximate 12 pixels of information we were given, I'd say the dash cam driver is a d--khead and ran up the arse of someone. The proof is in the third pixel."

(LOL. Pixels. He's not wrong, the video is potato quality)

But another said: "Indicating doesn't give you the right of changing lanes. It implies your intentions, and you change only if safe to do so. Dashcam legally not at fault."

So, after checking out the vid below, what do you reckon? Who is at fault?

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