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Vinyl record sales hit 20-year high

There we were, begging our parents for an iPod – one of the first gadgets to bring digitised tunes to the masses.

 Now, here we are, scouring the music shops, which weren’t so long ago on the precipice of closing, for exactly the opposite.

Vinyl is well and truly back.

Not convinced? Well, gird your loins.

According to the Record Industry Association of America, revenue from vinyl rose 32 per cent last year to $416 million – the highest since 1988.

And, for the second year in a row, vinyl revenue has actually outstripped what the industry takes from ads on YouTube and Free Spotify.

But why?

Paul Murphy, AKA Skratch Bastid, recently told Forbes that fans are seeking a deeper connection to artists.

"[Records are] a real, physical object that not only contains the music but also represents the fan’s support and commitment."

The Red Bull Thre3Style World DJ Championship judge said records require care, attention and "even management" as collections grow, and finding them can be a rewarding challenge, "a trophy of sorts".

Sydney-based DJ, Robbie Lowe believes the spike in interest is here to stay, and not only because of a new generation drawn to the 'warmer' sound.

"[There’ll always] be plenty of vinyl purists out there that will be always looking for records from around the globe," he said.

Looks like all those dinky turntables in Target are here to stay.






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