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Two Youths Admit To Putting Needles In Strawberries

Police are working to crackdown on copycats and pranksters who may have inserted pins and needles into fruit, with two youths allegedly already admitting to contaminating strawberries.

Yahoo7! News are reporting that that a young boy has been arrested after admitting to putting needles in strawberries in what NSW Acting Assistant Commissioner Stuart Smith said was behaviour that “could be a prank”.

“Obviously in the last few days we found a young person has admitted to a prank, including putting needles in strawberries, and he’ll be dealt with under the youth cautioning system,” said the acting assistant commissioner.

Meantime, the Daily Mail as reporting that a 12-year-old schoolgirl in the lower Blue Mountains has admitted to also placing a needle inside a strawberry.

It’s believed that the young girl showed her friends what she had done before a student notified teachers. Police were called in to investigate.

At first, the girl allegedly told officers that she didn’t know how the needle ended up in the fruit, however, she later confessed to her parents that she orchestrated the ‘prank’. The officers were called back to the girl's home where she allegedly gave a full confession. 

“Since the 12th, there have been over 20 incidents of contamination in New South Wales and those are being investigated,” said acting assistant commissioner Smith.

The maximum penalty for deliberately contaminating a food source in NSW is 10 years in prison, however, Prime Minister Scott Morrison is attempting to push urgent and harsh new penalties through parliament.

Mr Morrison wants the maximum penalty for food contamination to be increased from 10 to 15 years in prison, in line with child pornography and terror financing offences.

“This is a shocking and cowardly thing for this individual and other who have jumped onto the bandwagon here to have engaged in,” said Mr Morrison to reporters in Canberra.

Detectives believe that all incidents of fruit contamination in NSW have been the work of copycats and pranksters after more than 20 punnet of strawberries across the state were discovered with needles inside.

Needles have also been discovered in an apple and a banana according to NSW Police.

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